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Students Build Off-Grid Hemp House Almost Entirely From Hemp and Solar Panels

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Environmental sustainability has become a great concern to everyone across the world. A group of students from Morocco has come up with an environmentally sustainable house using hemp and solar panels.

Brümmer, Owner of Spain-based Cannabric, co-founded Adrar Nouh (2017). Along with Abdellatif Adebibe, a Moroccan expert in alternative development in the Rif region, the pair’s organization focuses on using indigenous hemp stalk for rural development, also promoting sustainable employment in High Rif, a poverty-stricken area in Morocco.

This house entered SUNIMPLANT project’s ‘Solar Decathlon’, a competition organized by the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Water, Mines and Environment, the research institute IRESEN, UM6P, and the US Department of Energy.

The materials used in building this unique structure are locally sourced hemp, vegetable-based bio-resins, and non-synthetic materials found in their region. The project was conceived by Monika Brümmer, a German Architect, specialized in hemp building and developed together with students.

Monika also the co-founder of a cooperative based in Morocco called ‘Adrar Nouh’ that focuses on building environmentally sustainable homes in Morocco’s rural and poor Upper Central Rif region using hemp.

The structure of the house is spherical and spans 90 square meters. It also consists of 24 photovoltaic solar panels. The house only costs $120,000, which is less when compared with the other structures that entered the competition.

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An important feature of the house is its hemp fibre composite panels, which protect the underside of the solar panels against extreme weather conditions.

This is useful because the region reaches up to 114 Fahrenheit in the shade during August and September. There is even no need for outside electricity, plus you get to enjoy the comforts of a modern lifestyle.

The house used a circular design with a cylindrical envelope to minimize exposure for the 24 exterior solar panels. The solar panels use optimal damping in hand with a thermal phase shift to optimize internal comfort.

Hempcrete is becoming rather popular now that it can replace traditional fiberglass, sheetrock, and drywall. It provides excellent temperature control, flame resistance, noise reduction and is also carbon neutral.

This amazing hemp house shows us that it is possible to build structures that are environmentally sustainable.

You may wonder if Hempcrete is better than concrete. 

It is not stronger as it lacks the comprehensive strength associated with concrete, and it not as dense. It is lightweight. 

Hempcrete has advantages as it is said to be fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and a stronger insulator. It transmits humidity, resists mold, and has an excellent acoustic performance. Hempcrete will last for hundreds of years.

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Can you paint Hempcrete?

The paints must be vapor permeable, lime or clay paints, and limewash are often used to paint Hempcrete.

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