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Stray Dog Disrupts Performance To Comfort Actor Pretending To Be Injured

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A stray dog interrupted a street performance in Turkey. The actor Numan Uzunsoy was lying down on the floor, pretending to be hurt. This sweet little stray dog decided to check on the human. 

Numan explained that the character he played was injured and in great pain, as he had fallen off the horse and was breathing hard.

The curious dog believed that the man was in trouble, so it decided to snuggle next to Numan and comfort him. This emotional moment was videoed and shared all over the internet.

The actor felt something warm on his face and thought it was his co-star coming towards him. When he realized what was transpiring, he was touched by this act of concern by the dog. 

All the people who witnessed this act enjoyed every moment of it. 

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Numan was touched and pleased by the dog’s kisses as he said the dog was like an angel who wanted to help him. It was a heartfelt moment for him.

The other cast members loved the dog go. And the audience was satisfied with this unique performance. Afterward, a crew member escorted the stray offstage. The dog then stayed there for a while, just to ensure that the actor was alright. Then it left the scene. 

Numan believes that this sudden meeting is just the beginning of their story. The actor is now searching for this fantastic dog, to find him a home, and repay it for the act of kindness. 

Numan went to the place where he performed to look for him. But the stray dog nowhere to be seen. Numan is not ready to give up just yet. He would look for the dog until he finds him; he has always loved animals.

Let’s hope he finds him <3

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Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. They love unconditionally.

In another article, a homeless man’s dogs wait patiently outside a hospital for him where he went seeking treatment for his existing health condition. The stray dogs were blocking access to the hospital door.

A nurse and her colleagues at the hospital noticed a group of stays dogs gathered outside the hospital door.

Here we have a woman that is a dog’s best friend. 

On another occasion, a kind-hearted woman couldn’t decide which dog she should adopt, so she bought the entire shelter. It was difficult for Danielle Eden when she visited a dog shelter in Israel, as all the 250 dogs needed rescuing.

She is indeed a dog’s best friend as she succeeded in relocating 90 dogs within Israel, and 25 of them went back with her to her sanctuary in Ontario. 

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