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Stray cat introduces her six babies to a woman who helped her

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Lisianne is a woman from Québec, Canada. One day during the summertime, she came across a fluffy black cat when she was out in her yard. This feline, who was a stray, looked rather famished. So kind Lisianne put a bowl of food and water for the cat.

Soon this act became a part of their daily routine. Lisianne even named the cat ‘Usagi’. As time passed by, these two developed a deep bond. 

Lisianne observed how the feline’s belly was growing, and she was sure it wasn’t because of the food. Then she figured out that Usagi was pregnant. 

The cat wanted to introduce her kittens to her dear friend Lisianne. So one day, Usagi appeared on Lisianne’s porch with six adorable kittens. They even formed a line. These kittens resemble their mother. All except for one kitten are black.

Only one kitten was gray. Lisianne understood that this wasn’t just a house visit; Usagi needed help. Lisianne decided to call the local rescue group named ‘Chatons Orphelins Montreal.’ 

The workers there were glad that she called because the kittens had conjunctivitis, making it difficult for them to breathe. They felt better after a veterinarian treated them. Lisianne’s friend adopted one kitten while the rest of them are waiting for their forever homes.

Among these five, two of them are males, and three of them are females. These kittens were named Taylor, Tynie, Tyana, Tito, and Tales. Each of these kittens have their own vibrant personalities. Finally, Lisianne adopted Usagi and had her treated and spayed.

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Thanks to this generous human being, these cats got the care that they deserve. The kittens are alive because of Lisianne. We hope that they found their forever homes. Hats off to Lisianne for her kind deed.

Cats are fascinating creatures. 

If you’re a cat lover, you might have noticed how curious they are. They love observing things around them and pick their vantage points to keep their eyes on incidents taking place in their environment. 

An owner of three cats is being observed all day long by his cats, and it started when he installed glass ceiling panels for his attic above his shop. To view these curious cats, click here.

Maine coon cats are beautiful, gentle, intelligent, playful, and majestic, among other cats globally. They are apparently the oldest cat breeds in North America. To meet Lotus, a Maine Coon Cat who is almost as tall as his owner.

All images are used with permission. Image credits Chatons Orphelins Montréal .

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