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Stray Cat Brings Sick Kitten To Hospital, Medics Rush To Help

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At a local hospital in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, a stray cat brought her sick kitten to the hospital in hopes that the nurses would help. The stray mother cat gave birth near the hospital; she carried the sick kitten in her mouth to nursing staff.

When arriving at the hospital, the staff rushed to help the frightened mother and kitten. The hospital staff checked for any health problems while the mother kept a watchful eye the whole time standing by their feet. The nursing staff then gave the pair some food and milk. 

The mom and kitten were then taken to the vet and had been doing good since then. 

Image credits: ozcanmerveee

Merve Ozcan, a patient, was waiting in the ER when she took the pictures with her mobile phone and posted them online. Since the touching incident, the photos have gone viral on social media. With nearly 80 000 likes on Twitter and several other platforms.  

Image credits: ozcanmerveee

The story has so far reached a crowd of people and warmed tons of hearts during these tough times.

Image credits: ozcanmerveee

In the city of Istanbul and the rest of Turkey, stray animals are welcomed in the mosques and other public places, and they are all treated as friends. There is also food and water left on every corner of the streets. It is without a doubt that Turkey is a wonderful as well as a safe place for the stray animals. Thus the reason the stray mother cat trusted the hospital staff with her sick kitten’s life.

People on Reddit praised the paramedics and hospital staff at the Istanbul hospital for their kind reactions.

What does it mean when a stray meows at you?

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Cats meow to get attention. A feral would not approach you to close. If it does, it could mean it has been abandoned and is seeking human attention. Some cats like to meow at friendly-looking people.

If a stray cat is crying at your door, it usually means the cat needs help. 

Feature Image credits: ozcanmerveee

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