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Store Installs Glass Floor For People To View The 11th Century Viking House

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A store in Dublin, named ‘Lidl’, has a great historical value attached to it because the remains of a house, theatre, and church are preserved under it. 

Suppose you are tired of looking at stacks of food and household items in a supermarket, then this store is for you. Customers can shop and get a history lesson while they shop. If you visit aisle four, then you can actually go back in history. They have installed glass on the store floor, allowing their customer to sneak a peek at medieval Viking history. 

Beneath the glass installation, you can see the remains of an 11th-century house belonging to the Vikings. The store is situated in Aungier Street in the city center. 

They came across this medieval structure when conducting excavations on the site. This store really stands out because it allows people access to archeology. Besides that, there are also remains of an 18th-century pit trap used in stage workings, belonging to the Aungier Street Theatre and also foundations of the medieval parish church of Saint Peter. 

All the remains have been placed under glass casings. The store has even added information panels with artistic reinterpretations of how these remains looked many years ago.

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According to archaeologists, the Lidl store is a treasure trove of history.

Curious to have a look at this unique store? Click the link below to enjoy a video of it.

When further exploring the remains, it seems as if they were subjected to violent events and turbulent plagues. The fact that these structures have been rebuilt again shows us how these ancient people stood up against plagues and violent events. They were rather resilient.

The word archaeologist is sometimes also be spelled, archeologist. It originates from the Greek root archaeo-, for “ancient, primitive.”

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It must be great to be an Archaeologist and study ancient and recent remains. To be able to analyze the physical remains and understand the human culture.

To become an Archaeologist, you will need:

  • You would need to be interested and have a knowledge of history.
  • You would need to have the ability to work well with your hands.
  • You would also need a knowledge of sociology and anthropology to understand society and culture.
  • You would have to pay attention to detail and be thorough.
  • You would need to be determined and persistent.
  • You would need analytical thinking skills.

The featured image is a screenshot taken from the YouTube video.

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