Spectacular Photos Of Lions Taking Down Kudu Between Cars On Road In Kruger National Park!

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This is the breathtaking moment two lions brought down and savaged an antelope just inches from the cars of stunned tourists in a game reserve in South Africa.

Briton Carolyn Dunford, 23, who is completing an internship at Kruger National Park, South Africa, captured the bloody drama early Friday morning along with wide-eyed nature-lovers – some watching the spectacle with their windows wide open.

According to Dunford, she stopped the car along the way to watch the two male lions, who were walking along the road.

“They all stopped few meters away to mark the area.

It was then that one of them spotted a kudu in the bush along the way.”

She said the two male lions immediately started stalking the deer and, when the kudu antelope spotted them, it attempted to flee. However, the kudu’s hooves slipped on the tarmac and it had problems getting away.

Can you imagine experiencing Africa in its absolute raw, right next to your car on a normal tarmac road?

Straight for the jugular: One of the lions goes directly for the throat

Stalking their prey: One of the lions spots the kudu hiding in the bushes and lowers itself into a crouch before attacking in view of visitors

Off balance: The kudu slips between the tourists' cars. One women was inches from the huge beasts with her car window wide open


The lion rears up on its back legs to make the kill

Motorists watch as the killing takes place


Sources: Daily Mail | Telegraph | Inquisitr


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