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Sir David Attenborough Backs A New Tech That Can Recycle All Plastics

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A new recycling plant is being constructed in England. This plant uses technologies that have the ability to break down every type of plastic polymer into its basic component, recycling them effectively. 

The plant uses superheated steam to eliminate the chemical bonds that hold the monomers together. In one of their introductory videos, we see the appearance of wildlife filmmaker Sir David Attenborough. He appears along with other naturalists and the owners of this recycling plant. 

This amazing technology is owned by Mura Technology and is known as HydroPRS. It is a unique technology because of its ability to break down plastics and remove biological material like food scraps that cling to plastic. This new creation will surely decrease the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and incineration.

The food scraps are then used as a power source for the boilers used in recycling. At the end of this process, the leftover oils and chemicals are re-sold to the manufacturers, enabling them to transform these oils and chemicals into new products. “What’s so tragic about plastic pollution is that it is so totally unnecessary. The plastic in our oceans should never have found its way there in the first place,” Attenborough explains in the video. 

According to Mura Technology, the final materials of this process can be used over and over again because they never become chemically unstable. So it is no wonder why the British Government is supporting this project. 

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In a world where plastic consumption is constantly increasing, it is nice to see many smart technologies emerging with recycling and biodegrading plastic concepts. Therefore every country in the world should invest in ground-breaking technologies like this to save the Earth for future generations.

Here we have a Kenyan woman who turns waste plastic into bricks which is about 5X stronger than concrete.

Nairobi generates about 500 metric tons of plastic waste daily, yet only a fraction of it is recycled. Nzambi, a Kenyan woman, realized that there was so much they could do to help with utilizing this plastic waste, so instead of waiting on the sidelines and complaining, she established a company that manufactures bricks using recycled plastic. Nzambi Matee has successfully transformed trash into cash.

Do you have any innovative ideas to recycle waste plastic?

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