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Single Father Converts Bus Into A Home With 3 Bedrooms

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Do you dream of traveling the open roads in a renovated bus? Many adventurous DIY-ers have taken on a project of turning a bus, be it a double-decker or an old school bus into a home.

Since living expenses are increasing yearly, many people are looking for cheaper alternative housing.

Single father from Brighton, UK, Adam Collier was no different. Collier reached his goal of turning an old double-decker bus into a luxurious living space to adventure and explore the magnificent countries, with his teenage daughter. He and his daughter Devon are lovers of the sea and surfing.

The 42-year-old carpenter saw potential and affordability into converting the bus into a home for himself and his youthful daughter.

Aware that the project would be a real challenge, yet Collier wanted to do this project alone without any help from outsiders.

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The end result is impressive, take a look at the video and see for your self.

Fortunately, Collier has excellent DIY skills. After drilling beams to reinforce the structure, Adam stuffed the bus with sheet insulation to make sure the bus was insulated correctly. He removed all the seats that were welded on the bus but kept a few which he later used after covering them with sponge foam.

Collier had a budget of 10,000 pounds although he ended up going over budget, the result is extraordinary.

The carpenter in him made sure he used every single inch of the bus. He opted for affordable, yet beautiful for the final result.

A significant challenge was the weight distribution. Collier had to make sure most of the weight was on the lower deck. Therefore the lower floor is the living area with the kitchen with a dining room table, which can fold up when not in use. The upper deck has three bedrooms, which comfortably sleep, six people.

Some things were untouched, and something with a slight change as handles, etc.

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Collier’s started with a budget of £10,000, yet he went slightly over budget due to a mechanical problem with the bus. The bus cost him £4,500, considering that he did exceptionally well.

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