Senior Cancer Patient Spent His Last Days Knitting Over 9000 Winter Hats For The Homeless

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Morrie Boogart was a terminally ill senior citizen patient at Cambridge Manor hospice care facility in Grandville, Michigan otherwise known as the “Hat Man.” In 2017 he was diagnosed with skin cancer and a mass on his kidney. Instead of feeling depressed and sorry for himself, he was knitting hats for approximately 15 years for the homeless.

Due to his age and illness, his mobility was limited, which kept him bed-bound. Unlike most bedridden patients, he found something that gave him a sense of purpose. He started his daily routine by reaching for the yarn and knitted until sleep time. Boogart managed to complete one to two hats every day, taking a couple of intermittent food and coffee breaks.

Morrie Boogart was a remarkable considerate man. He felt good when he focused on helping others less fortunate rather than concentrating on his life-ending. He even added a ‘rim’ around the bottom to help keep the homeless wearer ears warm.

When word got out over the internet, people from all over the world sent him yarn which took over space in his room. The only present he ever wanted from anyone was yarn.

Over the years Boogart churned out over 9000 wool hats that were delivered to various organizations throughout the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

Sadly Boogart was taken from us by his disease in 2018.

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If you knew you were terminally ill, what would you do to make a difference?

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