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Scientists Developed A Bionic Kidney To Provide Relief For Thousands Of Patients

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Finally, light at the end of the tunnel for kidney transplant patients. Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco, USA (UCSF) developed the worlds first bionic kidney.

The bionic kidney is a replica of our organ, and it can filter toxins and waste from the bloodstream. Consisting of copious microchips, it functions by the heart — terrific news for dialysis patients.

Kidney transplant patients generally wait between five to ten years for a suitable organ to become available. That is the average life expectancy for dialysis patients, although some have lived for decades.

You’re probably thinking what if the body rejects it. Well, according to Dr. Fissell, the body won’t reject the device as it is a biohybrid innovation that contains living kidney cells that are grown in the lab and is out of reach of the body’s immune response. Therefore chances of rejection are zero! Now that’s just incredible!


Another plus; Shuvo Roy, a professor in the UCSF Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences and co-inventor of the device, told Healthline, “unlike transplants, our device doesn’t require the patients be on immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection.”

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High hopes for the bionic kidney. Scientists say that the device will be available for sale in two years, as they are still improving the bionic kidney. They are still testing it with a number of different microchips.

The project is expected to show its first results of operating in human bodies by the year 2020.

Early signs of kidney failure are often subtle and hard to identify. Below we list a few possible signs of kidney failure:

Swelling of feet, ankles, legs which could be caused by failure of the kidney to eliminate water wast.
Unexplained shortness of breath.
Persistent nausea.

featured image: The Science News Reporter

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