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School’s Cross Country Team Train With Shelter Dogs

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St. Joseph Athletics cross country running team literally went to the dogs, as the school kids from this California school took the dogs from their local animal shelter for a run.

The St. Joseph High School cross-country runners assembled at the Santa Maria Animal Shelter on a Monday morning and paired up with their leashed-up running buddies.

The dogs from Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter and the team seemed very excited and had fun, although one small dog named Fred wasn’t that enthusiastic about exercising.

Before the run began, some of the dogs seemed determined to get into their fellow canines’ spaces. The runners did a great job of tugging on the dogs’ leashes and controlling them and managed to keep everyone separated.

The runners had run with the shelter dogs on a training run before. Canines and humans went on an excursion of approximately a mile and a half, exiting the animal shelter parking lot and heading west down Foster Road.

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The team hoped that people who saw them would head down to the shelter and adopt these beautiful dogs.

Freddie, a lively, long-haired brown and white border terrier, didn’t quite make the mile and had to be picked up almost the entire last half mile.

Luis Escobar, the coach at St. Joseph boys and girls cross-country teams, his wife Beverly, and Stacy Silva, the animal shelter’s community outreach coordinator, talked about doing something like this were all very enthusiastic about the idea.

Escobar said he posted something on their Facebook page and almost immediately got hundreds of likes and shares. He even got calls from athletic directors and coaches across the country inquiring about it.

It’s a win-win situation, the dogs get a good workout, and the kids get exposed to the dogs.

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Below are two other stories of fantastic ways to help animals get adopted. 

Nebraska’s La Vista Police Department created K9 For a Day, an ingenuity that allows officers to get a rescue dog from the ‘Nebraska Humane Society’ shelter for the day. The officer and their day sidekick journey around the towns, increasing the dog’s chance of getting adopted.

Chris Van Dorn, an avid fan of Batman, the fiction superhero, combined his two passions and wears a Batman outfit to rescue animals in and around Orlando, Florida. The outfit brings attention to the importance of adopting a pet.

Hopefully, this will draw more people from other places to do something similar.

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Share these uplifting stories with your family and friends so they can encourage other communities to do the same to encourage people to adopt shelter animals!

Featured image is screenshot from the video.

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