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School Teaches Teenage Girls to Change Tyres and Check Oil Levels as Part of New Initiative

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In the present situation, there is nothing a woman can’t do. They have even been able to take over male-dominated fields. The days’ women considered as personal cooks are well gone. A school in Sydney, Australia, came up with a plan to teach teenage girls the importance of car maintenance. 

Since gender equality is an upcoming concept, this school also decided to adapt to it. They came up with the idea to conduct a workshop about car maintenance. Their goal was to make the girls more confident and independent.

The school that came up with this initiative is called Stella Maris College. With the help of Galmatic, the car educators from Sydney managed to teach 11-year-olds to change a tyre, monitor oil, check tyre pressures, and coolant levels. 

The teenage girls were also taught how to act during an accident. Galmatic focuses on helping Australian teenagers and women feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel. They provide hands-on car maintenance workshops and online courses. 

About 40 girls participated in this workshop held on school grounds. The staff also received positive feedback from the girls after the workshop ended. The school principal, Elizabeth Carnegie, thought that it would be useful for the girls to improve their skills before they left school.

These teenage students learned that they could handle situations independently without waiting for a man to come to their rescue. The initiative was very successful. We hope that more schools worldwide come up with these kinds of initiatives to develop skills among students. 

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On the flip side, a school in Spain, Colegia Montecastelo, teaches its students under the slogan, “Equality is learned with actions.” This school introduced Home Economics, which includes cleaning, ironing, sewing, cooking, bedmaking, and washing clothes. 

Schools are great for allowing kids to decide what courses to take and handle significant career and life decisions. Yet, they neglect to teach them simple life skills that can substantially influence their daily lives. 

Home Economics classes were part of the high school curriculum in the past, where part of the courses would teach children valuable life skills

Generations have changed towards gender behavior; the battle for equality has been on the rise. A lot of progress been made in breaking away from the old fashion beliefs that women should be the homemakers and men the breadwinners, yet both genders may go out to work daily.

Do you think all schools should implement home economics and car maintenance?

All images are used with permission. For more info Stella Maris College, Manly, and Galmatic.

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