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Saudi Arabia is Creating a Zero-Carbon City With No Cars or Pollution

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Saudi Arabia has come up with a great example for future living. They have planned to build an amazing zero-carbon, zero-traffic city using modern technology. 

The city spans around 105 miles and can hold over a million people. According to the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the city is called ‘The Line’ because of its long thin shape and route and spreads across the coastline.

Apparently, the city will preserve 95% of the natural environment belonging to the area in which it will be built. It is believed to be an economic engine for the kingdom. The concept of a conventional city will be transformed into a futuristic one. They will begin construction in the first quarter of this year. 

According to the plans, a 105-mile network of AI-operated transport will transport citizens through the four distinct districts belonging to the northwestern corner of the kingdom, on the coast is the Red Sea. 

The construction of this city costs $100-$200 billion. They are using money collected from domestic funds as well as foreign investments. 

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How amazing, in this city there will be no streets, no cars, and no pollution. 

Cloud information technology is to invest $1.5 billion alone. The city will be planned, taking access to data as the central font. Even the Saudi royals joined hands to support the project.

The life inside ‘The Line’ will be defined by walkability. The city planners are working day and night to ensure that locations related to transportation, education, shopping, leisure, medicine, and green areas are all reachable between 5-15 minutes by foot from any point in the community. 

Isn’t that just amazing? This city is going to be a modern one that is clean, proper, and includes zero carbon. It is indeed a modern era of civilization. 

Click below to enjoy a video of this innovative city. 

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Zero carbon means that no carbon emissions are being produced from a product or service, e.g., a 100% renewable energy supplier could provide zero-carbon electricity.

Can carbon be removed from the atmosphere?

Direct air capture is the method of chemically scrubbing carbon dioxide directly from the ambient air and then saving it either underground or in long-lived products. The direct air capturing technology would also need to be powered by low- or zero-carbon power sources to result in net carbon removal.

Bhutan’s government has a history of basing political decisions on a Gross National Happiness (GNH) index and abandoning economic growth as their boundary. It’s apparently the only country globally to make such a switch and the first country to become carbon negative.

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The featured image is a screenshot from the YouTube video.

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