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Rose Succulents Look Like They Straight Out Of A Fairytale

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These beautiful succulents plants which have curved layered petals that make them look just like roses are found mostly in the Canary Islands. Yet you could say they belong somewhere in a fairy tale because of their unique and magical look.

Succulent plants usually are thick and fleshy as they retain water in the thick leaves and stems in arid climates.

Scrolling on to check out some pictures of these beautiful rose-shaped succulent called Greenovia Dodrentalis.

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Should you wish to grow succulents?

Then you should consider it!

Succulents are easy to care and low maintenance as they require very little attention interior or exterior in the right environment.
They like dry humidity and warm conditions, with direct light, yet will adapt to low light. They don’t need to be watered too often. Therefore, to avoid over watering, the fast-draining pot is preferred and allow soil to dry out between watering.

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