Rhesus Monkey Adopts Puppy, Defends It From Stray Dogs And Behaves Maternal

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Dogs are everyone’s best friend, even to a monkey it would seem. There are plenty of stories of dogs befriending other species in loving companionship.

In Rode India, there was a story of a rhesus macaque monkey that adopted a street puppy and cared for it as if it was her own baby.

It isn’t unusual anymore to hear of dogs that connect with other animals. Mankind has been witness to the lifetime loving connection that a dog can have with their human families, which makes it easier to imagine that kind of connection between other animals.

The monkey just like a parent was trying to protect this little munchkin from other stray dogs. No one attempted to proceed close to them.

The locals were fascinated with their devotion towards each other. They even began to leave food for them. It was a huge surprise to see that the monkey would allow the puppy to be the first to eat.

A rhesus monkey is highly intelligent and lively, docile when young but may become bad-tempered as an adult, yet the undying affection between these two gives us a valuable lesson about relationships.

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