Retrograde Mercury, from July 29 – August 19 2018

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Feeling the cosmic chaos….. Blame it on mercury retrograde

Déjà vu all over again. It’s that time of the year again when the planet of all communication and intellect slows down. Unfortunately, as we all remember this does not go down smoothly and with this aspect, many of our usual habits are altered. This happens since Retrograde Mercury affects all communication, transportation, commerce and education.

So, Mercury is once again going retrograde since yesterday. He does that to remind us what we need to fix and what we must search and RE-search to make things right. What is lost can now be found and we think we’ve found now can be lost forever. Mercury’s games are endless and may test our sanity and integrity.

But how will this Retrograde Mercury affect us? Let’s take this slowly as Retrograde Mercury may be the least of our problems. During the Summer of 2018, the Axis of Eclipses have changed affecting us in much different way that the previous years. Moreover, many planets are already retrograde like Mars, Pluto, Neptune and Saturn. You know where I’m going with this don’t you. Karma makes us take a step back and reconsider all our choices because soon enough, everything will change and go in fast forward.

Mercury in Leo is very dramatic and emotional, something that doesn’t really fit on the planet of intellectual procedures. If combined in the right way, our emotions can be expressed creatively through arts and all kinds of creative ways. But let’s look at each Zodiac Sign and see how all this will begin to affect us.

Aries: Old Lovers strike back

Retrograde Mercury affects your ‘inner child’, this primordial force in you which gives you the strength to continue despite the difficulties you may face. Everything that makes you smile and brings you joy is under the ‘light’ of Retrograde Mercury. What is fun now may stop being fun during the next month and at the same time, dull activities may turn out to be interesting.

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Taurus: Re-decoration and Re-forms

Retrograde Mercury is re-forming anything that has to do with the place you call home. No matter where you may live, no matter where you sleep at night, right now is under strict surveillance by the planet of communication. It seems that you need a change in this part of your life although I’m pretty sure you already hate the fact that I said “change”. However, you need to find creative ways to make indoors activities more fun and healthy.

Gemini: Misunderstandings, your middle name!

Unfortunately, I don’t have good news for you Gemini, as Mercury affects you in a profound and severe way. Mercury is your governor and all his aspects are extremely important for you. This Retrograde Mercury will affect all your journeys, all your travels and most importantly all relationships including professional and personal ones. Therefore, you need to take a step back and think twice before you speak or re-act to other stimuli.

Cancer: It’s all about the Money, Right?

Now that the Lunar Eclipse is over, you may feel that you’ve been hit by a tsunami. Although that’s probable the case, we don’t have time to feel sad for the past. We need to gaze our destiny. Therefore, what you really need to do right now, is think of all the things you did which brought you to the present financial situation. Where do all this money go? Could you change that?

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Leo: Everything you do, you do it for you!

Retrograde Mercury is in your Sign dear Leo and this means that this influence affects you the most. Mercury wants to help you express yourself, but during this retrograde course, you first need to re-examine everything the way you express your feelings. Many misunderstandings can come out because of being dramatic. One way to manage that, is to write down your feelings on a diary. As the days go by you can look back as see if these feelings are still strong or temporary.

Virgo: Powers from the Past

Retrograde Mercury is happening on the part of your life that is not obvious, even to you. Hence, your subconscious seem to work overtime giving you many messages through your dreams and day-dreaming. One good way to get closer to these messages is by writing down your dreams on a dream journal and see how things go. You may also come across many interesting information from your past lives. Powers magical or not, may come back to you, in this life.

Libra: Friends are Treasure

Retrograde Mercury is happening in the part of your life that affects your social circles and your ability to meet new people and exchange ideas. Although your uniqueness is precious, you often feel insufficient and unworthy. These feelings however are completely useless dragging you down and keeping you away from what you can really achieve. In the next month you will realize that you don’t have to change, in order to fit in other social circles

Scorpio: High Goals, big troubles

Everything begins with the Desire. Retrograde Mercury comes to makes re-think our short and long-term goals in our professional and personal life. Troubles and misunderstandings with our colleagues and our supervisors may occur because our intentions are not clear enough not even to ourselves. During the next month you will be forced to set new goals and re-consider the ones you’ve already set.

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Sagittarius: Evolution can wait

With Retrograde Mercury in your friendly Leo, you are amongst the ones who receive the most of his blessings. However, you are also affected by slowing down your goals in life and your wish to expand your life and discover new places and sources of stimuli. Although this effect might indeed delay most of your plans, it will be really helpful to discover new sources of wisdom and fun. Traveling is also a part of your life that will be affected. Hence, be careful when traveling.

Capricorn: Change is deep and profound

Retrograde Mercury is affecting the part of your life which is most instinctive and closer to your personal source of power. Hence, you are going to realize where all your vitality comes from and which are the habits that reduce or multiply this power. Getting closer to your instincts and accepting them is the first step. This change however might bring out feeling of the past, that you thought you’ve lost forever.

Aquarius: Relationships are Battlefields

Retrograde Mercury is affecting the part of your life which governs your most intimate and profound relationships – marriage included. This influence comes to rethink the foundations of your co-operations and collaborations. Moreover, during the next month, legal issues might come to the surface demanding to be solved. However, you should be extra careful when signing contracts – which I personally advice not to at least until the end of August.

Pisces: Health Comes first!

Retrograde Mercury is affecting the part of your life that has to do with your everyday routine. During the next month your will feel that all your habits should somehow be filtered. Some of your daily habits are actually toxic to you and your vitality. When symptoms are presented consult with your medical doctor at once. Moreover, try to see if you are doing something wrong by poisoning your mind, body and soul. Health comes first

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