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Results Of Humane Society Promise To Make A Bad Orginal Drawing Of Your Pet For A Donation

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The Wisconsin Humane Society came up with an excellent fun idea for their new fundraiser campaign in February.

The Wisconsin Humane Society attends to at least about 40,000 animals yearly, relying on donations. Angela Speed, who is the Vice President of Communications, told Bored Panda a similar campaign inspired them. The campaign was by an animal rescue group in Baltimore, BARCS.

Angela Speed reached out to BARCS enquiring about using their idea and requested a little guidance and support from them, which they really appreciated.

The campaign post posted on Facebook was should you donate $15 to WHS, they would draw your pet, which certainly put the “FUN” back into fundraising. 

WHS had staff and volunteers standing by excitedly to bring the animal into a timeless work of art, which should make you laugh. Your animal might get one of their talented artists or get someone who can’t draw their way out of a paper bag, but regardless it was a load of fun for both donator and artist.

It was amazing how many donations instantly started to stream in beyond their wildest expectations, to the point where they couldn’t keep up anymore, and had to stop accepting new submissions after about 36 hours after being launched.

The volunteer artists were inundated with pics, having them working tirelessly to get the masterpieces of the animals out as soon as possible.

The simple, cute, funny, adorable drawings done with crayons and colored pencils reached thousands of animal lovers and raised roughly about $12,000, which brought unexpected love and joy into the hearts of supporters. The campaign was considered an enormous success.

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You can donate to charities in many various ways, not only with money. 

Donate your time by visiting animal shelters, walking the dogs, cleaning cages, or supplying food. 
You could supply food or your old clothes for various charity organizations.
You could visit nursing homes and read to the lonely people that don’t get visitors.
Should you have a vehicle, you could donate some time by doing some chores to help the charity organizations.

It is always better to donate directly and give more than just money.

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