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Rescue Dogs Have An Instant Connection After A Year Apart

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The bond between siblings is intense and strong, and it is exactly the same when it comes to animal siblings. After they spent a year apart and led very different lives, this rescue dog reunited with her brother. 

Jessie and Luther are one-year-old Rottweiler/ Boxer/ German Shepherd crossbreeds. They belonged to the same litter owned by an experienced breeder in Huddersfield. Reverend Mark Broomhead and his family picked Luther, so he had to move to Chesterfield. He was taken as a companion for their family dog. 

Unfortunately for Jessie, Jessie was rehomed at an early age because her new family wasn’t comfortable with her breed. In the next home Jessie landed up in, she didn’t get along with the cat. After that, Jessie was given to the Dogs Trust Leeds in May when she was about eight months old. 

Although they found two potential adopters for her, she just wouldn’t settle down. Each time she was returned to the kennel after 24 hours. Jessie’s early experiences left her with special behavioral needs. 

Fortunately for Jessie, her bad luck ended soon after the Reverend’s old dog died. While looking for a companion for Luther, they came across his sister Jessie. Isn’t that a fantastic coincidence? Apparently, Luther was very sad after losing his companion Storm. So Reverend Mark spoke to the Breeder and found out that the Dogs Trust Leeds took one littermate. That’s when they found Jessie. 

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When Luther and Jessie met after a year, there was an instant connection. They ran around and played together. So the Reverend and his family decided to take in Jessie too. 

The Dogs Trust Leeds gave the two puppies a chance to sleepover on the 23rd of September to celebrate their first birthday together. Since the sleepover was a success, the staff there decided to make Jessie’s adoption official. 

Jessie has adapted well to her new environment. Now Luther and Jessie are good buddies. They chase each other, play tug of war, and even go for walks together. These two are inseparable now. We’re glad that they found each other again. 

Isn’t their story just heart-warming? Amongst all the depressing news all over the media, we have loads of heart-warming stories on our website.

Doggie Facts:

Can dogs recognize their siblings: Research has suggested that dogs can recognize their siblings and their parents later in life if they spent at least the first 16 weeks together. The less time they spend together, the less likely they are to recognize them.

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Do dogs recognize their owners: Although most studies have shown that dog can remember their owners, it’s primarily by facial recognition or their scent.

Do dogs get angry: Basically, yes, it is possible for your dog to get upset, yet your upset at you in the way you think. According to PetMD, dogs feel emotions. They don’t associate blame with these emotions.

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