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Rescue Dog Refused To Let Go of His New Dad’s Arm On The Way Home

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It isn’t unusual for dogs to want their owners’ love and affection. It is uncommon for a rescued dog to become so demanding and attached to his new owner so quickly. Obviously, love at first sight. 

Stanley was a six-month-old pup when he was found living in an abandoned home with his mother. 

Sam Clarence was a volunteer at the Bull Breed Rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he devoted some of his time as a dog walker.

Before Clarence adopted Stanley, he was approached by the shelter to foster him for a few weeks. As soon as Clarence laid eyes on a photo of him, he knew he was going to adopter him rather than foster him. Stanley, a bully breed dog also known as “Velcro Dog.” 

During their drive home, Stanley was very forceful and wanted to be touched by Clarence on the drive home.

When they arrived home, Stanley was unbelievably scared to get out of the vehicle. It took him about an hour to make his way out.

Once he got out, he was fed, given a bath and a comfy bed next to the fireplace. It wasn’t long before he settled into his new home.

There is a remarkable closeness between Clarence and Stanley. Rescue dog are normally the most loyal and loving dog. They appreciate having a home and someone to love and be loved. 

As a pup, he would sleep with Clarence always touching. If he moved, so would Stanley. Still today “Velcro dog” has to be touching Clarence, even while watching TV. Paws will fly until he touches him. As he got older, he has never lost his need to be close and touched.

Both dad and dog love outdoor adventures around New Zealand, and as soon as Stanley sees a beach, lake or river, he plunges right in.

According to Clarence, he couldn’t ask for a better traveling partner. He is a happy chappy and a laugh a minute dog with a huge personality.

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Reasons why you should adopt a pet:

You would be helping break the cycle of overpopulation of unwanted pets.

There are not enough homes for animals that are born daily.

You freeing up space at the shelters for more neglected, abused animals.

Should you have spare time on your hands, why not volunteer at your nearest rescue shelter.

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Watch the video of Clarence and Stanley on The Dodo.

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