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Replicas Of Noah’s Ark In Kentucky And Netherlands As Per Bible Specs

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These Arks are a huge tourist attraction in the respective countries, we have included some photos and videos for you to see these amazing replicas.

Ark Encounter is a theme park that opened in Grant County, Kentucky, in 2016. The centerpiece is a significant representation of Noah’s Ark from the Bible. Noah’s Ark in Kentucky, measures 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high.

It was concluded, the park would be a benefit to the state’s tourism industry. The Ark Encounter received tax incentives from the city, state, and county to produce its construction. Yet it drew criticism from groups that were concerned about the separation of church and the state.

Noah’s ark theme park includes a zoo with live animals, models of Dinosaurs, and a museum. It consists of massive timbers in the center as well as multiple decks with amazing attractions, the approximate size of a football field.

ID 158252641 © Paula Maxheim |
ID 99768049 © Helgidinson |

The theme park promotes pseudoscientific young-Earth creationist theories about the age of the Earth, age of the Universe, and co-existence of man and non-avian dinosaurs.

ID 109873623 © Linda Johnsonbaugh |
Living quarters
ID 109871582 © Linda Johnsonbaugh |
Living quarters
ID 109871560 © Linda Johnsonbaugh |
Blacksmith working
ID 109871532 © Linda Johnsonbaugh |

In the Netherlands, there is another replica of Noah’s Ark, which is a seaworthy life-size, that has been wowing passing by travelers along the Maas River — built according to specs in the Hebrew Bible. It claims enough wood to fell about 12,000 trees. Its unmistakable form overlooks the coastline of the small town hosting it in Bible Belt, southern Holland. The vessel is 390 feet long and towers a height of 75 feet.

ID 26105700 © Erik De Graaf |

Johan Huibers, who built the Ark, is a devout Christian businessman who’s love for the Jewish state and people, believes everything written in the Hebrew Bible, which coerced him to raise nearly $5 million to build the Ark.

The Ark became an instant international tourist attraction on completion in 2012 after four years of construction. Features animal models of cows, giraffes, penguins, and crocodiles.

Huibers built the Ark to show people that God exists. The Ark, he said he erected with about seven or eight people over four years, proves that that biblical figure could indeed have built Noah’s Ark.

Feature image credits: Ark Encounter
For more info click here Ark Encounter

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