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Release Negative Emotional Attachments – Why We Swap Energy and How to Cut The Cords

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Many people don’t know how “Energetic Cords” work and how strong they are when you are connected to your soulmate or soul tribe. Energetic cords are not created by us but are formed on a higher level of energy between two strongly connected souls.

These Energy Cords holds more power and is of far greater importance than the words we speak our actions or even the contracts we have in this reality. Positive Energy Cords has the ability to end wars and heal countries when millions of people get together at the same time for a worldwide meditation. It holds enough energy to dismantle the fear, depression and collective trauma that gets created by the media.Negative Energy cord holds as much power, for instance by hating someone you are subconsciously sending out hateful energy that can cause them illness or weaken their aura. It’s important to remember that we are energy and we are all interconnected. We do however have the power to allow those energies in or even lock them out if we so wish.

When a person thinks of you the whole day, or every day at certain times. An Energy cord is created that you then receive, even though you might not be aware of it. In those moments you would feel them in your energy field (aura) or for no reason think of them. It’s also possible that you could be aware of their needs, thoughts, illnesses or wake up at the same time they do, no matter where they are. Your energy cords would then be caught in an energetic prison; this can change the balance in your chakras. When your chakras are unaligned, it opens you up to all the energy transmitted. Being a receiver of the external energy, this energy becomes so intrusive that you forget how your energy feels.

Many people have been caught in an energy prison for many years and might even be aware of it. They do this because being in the present moment, or in their energy can be scary, or it’s because they feel unsafe. By having the cords, it might make them feel in control or stronger; it can also be used as a survival technique as they know how the other person is going to react. Without knowing it, they are going through an “out of body experience” to feel safe and survive. They become highly sensitive to be able to detect danger or trauma before it happens. This means they are no longer living life from within the body but have become highly responsive out of the body to survive even if there is no danger or trauma.

Everyone should be on their own colossal soul energy; a fantastic blub of light. Closed and entirely in their own energy.

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How to close the gates and gain your energy back

You need to realize that nobody can make you feel safe or at home. This is an inside job, and only you have the power to take your energy back. You need to realize that creating cords with new people does not dissolve the cords form the past. Recognizing that many cords are constructed out of fear, or fearing to be alone, or out of manipulation or to get someone in a relationship, or out of fear that they will leave you. There are also cords between you and relatives; you can cut them all loose. You do not need cords with anyone. Cords only make you tired and confused and steals your energy. It does not achieve anything; there is ALWAYS telepathic energy between soulmates and loved ones. You will always sense things, and when your energy is not drained by energy cords, you will find that your intuition is running at full force. Don’t be afraid of cutting cords. You are only reclaiming your own soul energy.

How to Cut Energetic Cords with these Simple Techniques;

Start by Protect Your Solar Plexus Chakra
Just put one hand on your stomach area, where this chakra is located and rest it there

• You need to set the firm intention (it does not have to be out loud, silently in your head works just as well) to not allow any more energetic cord exchange on any level with the person, or you can cut cords with all energy entries.

• Next, move one of your hands with an up and downward motion over your Solar Plexus. Visualize “chopping” the cord, and by doing so, you are breaking the flow of energy to the other person. Again, set the firm intention to cut this cord now for good.

When you learn to take control of your own energy, life becomes more fun. The unnecessary drama will go away. People who have previously drained your energy will not be attracted to you anymore. It’s that simple.

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