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Rare White-Faced Fawn Finds Happiness After Rejection by His Mom

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Mother abandoned a white-faced fawn due to the unusual features on its face. Even though the mother rejected this baby deer, he has now found his real home, a local farm in Michigan.

This one and a half-week-old fawn was born with a rare condition called piebald. Piebald occurs when an animal has big patches on its body without pigmentation. 

This adorable baby deer was named Dragon, although it doesn’t suit his cute little face at all.

Dragon, came into this world at a farm in Cedar Springs, Michigan, called ‘Deer Tracks Junction.’  Shortly after his birth, his mother neglected him due to his abnormal coloring. It is normal in the animal kingdom. Mothers abandon their offspring when they feel they don’t have a chance of survival. 

It is difficult for animals with rare conditions to survive in the wild because their groups reject them. Their color also attracts predators’ attention, making them very vulnerable due to their inability to camouflage. They tend to lack in their sight and ability to hear, which makes them the perfect prey. 

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Luckily for little Dragon, kind people at the farm take excellent care of him, making him feel right at home, and he doesn’t have to worry about predators as his human family will protect him, and he will live a long and happy life.

Everyone there adores this baby deer, and they make him feel loved. According to Hilary Powell, his adoptive mother, these kinds of fawns are scarce in the wild and are prone to various health risks.

The world is filled with extraordinary things and kind-hearted humans.

Tao, the 12-year-old Golden Retriever, lost his sight due to glaucoma. Due to the surgery, he lost his vision and had to bid farewell to his old life.

After surgery, Tao struggled to adapt and a hard time playing and enjoying life, so his owner Melanie Jackson, adopted an 8-week-old Golden Retriever named Oko to act as his eyes.

 Another heartwarming story is of a priest named Father João Paulo de Araujo Gomes helps strays and neglected dogs in Gravatá, Brazil. He tries to help them find their a forever loving home. 

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He brings homeless dogs into his church, hoping that they will get adopted, offering them dogs and ill-treated dogs shelter, and ensures that they are adequately fed and receive the medical care they need.

Featured image credits Deer Tracks Junction taken from the YouTube video.

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