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Rare Ginger Seal Pup Nicknamed ‘Ugly Duckling’ in Russia Wins Hearts

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This unique baby seal has now gotten the attention of the whole world. It was a marine mammal biologist named Vladimir Burkanov, who shared footage and photographs of rare ginger (albino) seal pup on Instagram.

He captured this baby seal when he visited Tyuleny Island in Russia. The albino seal pup’s pictures are eye-catching due to its orange color, which contrasts with his peers’ black color. This seal pup looked so adorable sitting and waddling next to the other baby seals. 

The Ugly Duckling’ is the nickname given to this baby seal. Apparently, this phenomenon rarely occurs. Instead of being white, the seal pup looks red. This albino is considered a clear albino with no pigmentation even in its eyes. 

In 2017 Sergey Fomin also captured a snap of a light-colored albino seal in Bering Island. The chance of it occurring is approximately 1 in 100,000. There is also a possibility that they get rejected by other seals in their pack. 

But according to Burkanov, this albino seal pup didn’t look like he was getting neglected by the other seals. It looked like it was well-fed and was active. Therefore Burkanov assumed that the baby seal’s mother was feeding it properly with plenty of milk.

According to Burkanov’s observations, the albino seal is not getting chased or bitten by the other seals in the community. Currently, the albino seal pup is monitored by experts. Should the pup get shunned from the pack, animal experts will take over and give the seal outside care.

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Annually people find baby seals onshore and pick them up, thinking they abandoned. Before you do that, the mother may be out foraging, or they have been frightened away by a human presence and will return to their pup. 

Human contact does more harm than good. Seals can be extremely dangerous and probably bite. Seals can transmit serious infections as they carry diseases that are highly infectious to humans. Even a small bite could cause significant harm.

Don’t you just love stories of the unlikeliest friendships?

A fisherman and blind seal have been friends for decades and follow him daily. Ever since Nicholas met the seal he named Shauna, Shauna never missed a day to say ‘hi’ to him. He feels like Shauna is just like a daughter to him and loves her so much. Then she started to go blind in one eye and eventually in both.

The image is taken from the YouTube video.

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