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Priest Opens Church Doors For Stray Dogs and Helps Find Them Homes

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Dogs are considered a man’s best friend. Some even believe that they are more loyal than humans. We always see and hear stories about strong bonds between humans and dogs. It is truly amazing how deeply they love their human owners. 

Some dogs are even willing to give their own lives to protect their owner. Although they are loved by many around the world, there are still many homeless dogs. A generous priest in Brazil decided to help these dogs find a home and repay them for their loyalty towards humans.

This priest named Father João Paulo de Araujo Gomes helps strays in Gravatá, Brazil, to find their perfect home. His duty as a priest and love for animals has inspired him to do so. He brings homeless dogs into his church, hoping that they will get adopted.

Image credits: Padre João Paulo

He not only offers these creatures shelter, but he also ensures that they are adequately fed and receive the medical care they need. He even adopted dogs who had been ill-treated by their owners. The priest also receives assistance from his volunteers.

Image credits: Padre João Paulo

This kindhearted priest has taken the initiative to build special places in the community where homeless dogs can drink water and feed themselves. The church has even adopted an open-door policy when it comes to stray dogs. 

Image credits: Padre João Paulo

Father Gomes admits that what he does to help these strays is small compared to the problem at hand. Although he wishes that he could help every homeless dog globally, it is impossible due to various limitations. He depends significantly on the generosity and support of his volunteers.

Image credits: Padre João Paulo

The priest said, caring for animals and nature is a gesture of love for God, humanity, and the planet. Compassion is the remedy to all the violence, aggression, and struggles. 

Image credits: Padre João Paulo

Another wonderful gesture is by St. Joseph Athletics cross country running team in California. The team took dogs from their local animal shelter for a run. The dogs from Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter were happy to get out and interact with people. The team and the dogs were very excited and had fun.

The school’s team hoped that people who saw them would head down to the shelter and adopt these beautiful dogs.

It is not only humans that have compassion. This curious kind stray dog thought an actor was in trouble, so he decided to snuggle next to him to comfort him. This emotional moment was shared on video.

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Have you adopted a shelter animal? Can you come up with ways to help shelter animals?

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