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Police Dogs Waiting For Food Are Better In Lines Than Most People

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How patient are you waiting in lines? These dogs lining up for food with bowls in their mouth should inspire you to stretch your patients.

These trained Police dogs in China are remarkably disciplined. It goes to show what training can do. They can sniff out illegal items in a line-up or sniff for bombs, search-and-rescue operations, and the list goes on.

Source: Reddit

Here we have a photo in Finland of dogs that could be on a farm somewhere circa 1940, although these dogs do appear to be military dogs with their bowls in the mouth, which confirms their abilities.

Source: SoraNews

Dogs are amazing when it comes to discipline and rules, as well as our pets. Dogs can be easily trained with the basics, yet the police and military dogs all over the globe have extensive training from an early stage in their lives. 

The dogs in specialized work require more rigorous training than sit, rollover commands, which in China police force it would seem it extends to mealtimes as well.

Currently making rounds on Reddit, is the photo of an alleged Chinese police dog academy. In the photo, you can see a man who is wearing a coat that looks like a lab coat/overall, getting ready to serve the line of dogs waiting patiently for their food with chow bowls clutched in their mouths.

The well-trained dogs sit in such a perfectly straight line displaying such selfless patience. This makes me compare to the scuffling that was shared all over the social media where the woman was fighting, yes, literally fighting for toilet paper in the supermarket, never mind food.

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Below are two basic commands to start training your dog. Remember that having a trained dog is not the same as a balanced dog. With a few basic commands, it can help when tackling problem behaviors.

Sit – is one of the easiest commands to teach.

Start with holding a treat close to your dog’s nose. Move your hand up, allowing your dog to follow the treat, which causes your dog’s bottom to lower. Once in the sitting position, let your dog know that it is sitting. Say “Sit” with affection and repeat this sequence a few times each day. Preferably get your dog to sit before walks, meal times, and other situations. Sitting will also calm your dog.

Come – will help keep your dog out of trouble.

Use a leash to bring your dog back to you. Squat or sit to your dog’s level and say “come” while pulling the leash towards you. When your dog reaches, you give your dog a treat and some loving.

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Constantly reward your dog with a treat when teaching commands.

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