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Pitbull Puppy Gets Emotional To The Saddest Scene Of ‘The Lion King’

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Pitbulls don’t have an excellent reputation, they are wrongly identified as vicious, yet this video is another example to prove that pitbull’s are sensitive, caring dogs.

On their first visit to the Humane Educational Society shelter in Tennessee, Josh Myers and Hannah Huddleston also from, Tennessee, didn’t have a particular dog in mind to adopt. 

When they met luna, things took a turn when this cute little thing snuggled into Hannah’s arms and won’t let go. From that moment, the tiny pitbull became part of their family.

Luna’s mom was rescued from the streets while pregnant and then gave birth to 12 puppies.

The couple knew that Luna had a sweet personality from the get-go, yet even this short video footage goes well beyond their imagination of how precious and sensitive she is.

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One evening Luna was playing with her stuffed toys while Josh and Hannah watched the movie ‘The Lion King.’. However, in one of the saddest scenes, Luna began to cry. 

Josh and Hannah were moved to tears while watching Luna, who is still very much a puppy, when she got so emotional.

“To see her crying at the TV was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen,” Josh wrote on Facebook. “She even lays down right after Simba lays with his dad. We don’t deserve dogs. Four months old, and she’s already showing empathy.”

As humans, we could learn from Luna and show more compassion, sensitivity, and affection towards other people and animals.

Watch the emotional moment here:

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In some countries, Pitbulls are illegal. In Portugal, should you own a pitbull, you need special insurance. Yet Pitbulls are loyal and thrive at being part of a family. They are affectionate dogs to both adults and children.

In Stockton, California, a quick-thinking Sasha, an 8-month-old pitbull, alerted her human mother about a blaze in the house and even dragged her baby out by her diaper. To view the article, click here.

Featured image is a screenshot from the YouTube video.

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