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Pit Bull Saved Baby By Dragging Her By Her Diaper

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Pit bulls are often wrongly identified as vicious, and just an all-around terrible breed of dogs, not to be trusted. In some countries, they are illegal.

Personally, these misconceptions and stereotypes about Pit Bulls, are a myth, as I used to breed them many moons ago.

In this article are good examples of how fantastic they are. With every dog and human, it’s about the upbringing. Sure, you get the rotten egg in every dog and person, yet if you look deeper, there are underlying problems that can trigger anger or aggression.

In June 3, 2018, we had quick-thinking Sasha an 8-month-old Pit Bull in Stockton, California, alerting her human mother Nana Chaichanhda about the blaze.

Chaichanhda was woken by Sasha, who was barking like crazy, which is unusual for Sasha. Thinking there must be something wrong, went to open the door. As Chaichanhda opened the back door, Sasha ran into the home, and straight into Chaichanhdas’ bedroom.

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She then saw that her cousin’s apartment next door was up in flames. She then ran to the bedroom to get her 7-month-old baby, only to find Sasha was already dragging her by her diaper.

Sasha had somehow managed to get sleeping baby off the bed and was pulling the baby by the waist of the diaper. Thanks to Sasha, they were able to get out safe and call 911. The apartment was left inhabitable.

Before this incident, the community was in awe of Sasha and the Pit Bull breed. Most of them had little trust to not trust in that breed. They are now full of praises for Sasha, the savior.

Man’s best friend has a history of being life saviors in dire situations, and pit bulls are no different.

Another occasion, Sadie a Pit Bull breaks out of her house to save her family from a gas leak, by causing a commotion, which led to the local authorities receiving calls about her.

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The dog ran the officers back to her residence where they found a broken fence and open door with the smell of gas.

The Eastchester Fire Department and Con Edison came to the house and confirmed there was a gas leak.

The police discovered signs of Sadie’s determination to get out of the house to get help. There were bloody claw marks on the door leading out, and a sliding glass door blocker was dugout.

Without the Pit Bulls early detection, it could have caused a massive explosion.


Police departments across the country use dogs to apprehend criminals and detect narcotics. However, German shepherds and the Belgian Malinois have been the primary breed for patrol, labrador retrievers, and beagles mostly used to sniff out illegal narcotics and explosives.

In the USA, law enforcement agencies have expanded their K-9 ranks to include various breeds of dogs from shelters for several years now. Pit bulls are now getting the chance to reverse the stigma attached to them.

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Do you have a loving story of a Pit Bull? We would love to hear.

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