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Pics Of Street Artist Hula, Exploring The Limits Of Art In Nature

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Hawaii born Twin brothers, Hula (formally Sean Yoro), and Kapu combine their personal creative crafts to create genuinely innovative artwork, testing their limits in nature’s elements in a variety of different mediums. Environmental concerns and values of sustainability inspire them.

Hula, a self-taught artist, broke into the street art world in 2015, when the release of his unique water murals became publicly broadcasted. Growing up, Hula spent most of his time surfing until he discovered his passion for tattooing and graffiti.

Hula recognized for his murals with watery reflections in forgotten spaces, as well as on docks, shipwrecks, which he paints while floating on his surfboard. Using environmentally friendly paints, he has also dived below the surface to paint underwater. His work can be found in galleries globally as well as on public walls.

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

He typically likes to use natural pigments mixed with vegetable oil as a binder in a substitute for acrylic. There is a drawback to the lifespan of the artwork, as it breaks down quickly out in nature. 

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

Growing up in Hawaii taught Hula to protect the environment and play his part in the community to live sustainably off the land. 

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

The Deep Seads project entailed an enormous amount of physical and mental preparation. Therefore, Hula was required to learn to free dive to take on the challenges of underwater painting.

The artist had to overcome many other challenges. He also had to work with experts to set two artificial reefs in place and find a medium that would allow him to paint underwater without polluting the water. 

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

The hardest part for him was learning different techniques of drawing as he would have limited time. The texture produced with the mediums was very different from what he was used to painting with. All his materials used are eco-friendly and safe for marine ecosystems.

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

The two brothers joined forces to form Kapu Collective, which combines their talents of street art and photography. Hula’s expertise as a painter and his brother Kupa’s abilities as a photographer.

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

Kapu begins the process with his photographs, which are delicately layered with paint by Hula. Their inspirations come from exploring diverse environments in nature as well as bringing their influence from growing up in Oahu, Hawaii.

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

The projects are well thought through to bring awareness to issues facing the environment. Each project presents difficulties, whether its weather, location, or tides. Yet they do believe that by drawing attention to climate change through their work, they can have a lasting impact on the next generation.

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

The brothers create their art because they want to blend their love of art and storytelling with their love of nature. Every mural has its own message. 

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

Street art is illegal under the Graffiti Vandalism Act of 2016. Urban Art, unlike graffiti vandalism, is legal artwork where the property owner has granted permission to mark the surface. Therefore Urban Art is often known under many names such as mural art or street art. 

Copyright ©Kapu Collective

Street art is essential to keep urban areas, and their residents energized and inspired. There are times when artists and building owners come together to discuss artwork that could revive and beautify a building.

Copyright ©Kapu Collective
Copyright ©Kapu Collective

Artist : Hula (Sean Yoro)
Instagram : @the_hula
Facebook : @kapucollective

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