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Persistent Elephant Insist Her Caretaker Come And Sings A Lullaby To A Baby Elephant

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Faamai, born in April 2009, in the Elephant Nature Park shelter in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has a strong bond with her caretaker Lek. The relationship between them is very strong: when you look at photos, you think that Faa Mai thinks Lek is her mom.

Faamai’s name means ‘A new day,’ first calf born from an ENP mother and father. Faamai is one of the lucky ones who will never suffer cruel torture or work a day in her life.

Often Faamai walks around the park like Lek’s shadow. She loves to kiss Lek by using her trunk.

Their relationship just goes to show that animals and humans are not different; they definitely have a lot of love to give back to humans once they receive it.

Faamai loves it when Lek sings her a lullaby as it makes her sleep well.

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In the video below, Faamai gives her caretaker Lek a special task. She has had enough of posing in front of the cameras, and she pushes Lek all the way to baby elephant Thong Ae. It was Faa Mai’s way of asked Lek to sing a lullaby to the elephant cub.

Baby Thong Ae is a smart baby elephant, as you will see in the other video below.

In this video, baby Thog Ae has a private stash of food beneath the platform at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

She discovered that some foods such as corn, pumpkins, and melons fall under the platform, the seeds sprout as plants and is a good source of nutrients. Further proof of how smart elephants are.

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Save Elephant Foundation is a non-profit organization. They work tirelessly to maintain and protect Asian elephants from extinction provide domesticated and rescued elephants a safe home at Elephant Nature Park.

They increase public awareness of humane treatment practices and offer advice, support, and funding to all projects under the Foundation’s umbrella.

They are the Foundation who supports Elephant Nature Park and other projects, including Surin, Journey to Freedom, Cambodia Sanctuary, and more, dedicated to protecting the Asian elephant.

Thanks to Save Elephant Foundation for permission to use videos.

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For more info: Save Elephant Foundation

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