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People Watched With Amazement As A Woman Casually Walks With Her $75,00 Robot Dog

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We have finally gone from a harmless handheld toy dog to a full-fledged robot dog.

We live in a world where technology plays a significant role, to an extent where we can’t live without it, or can we!? It is ever-developing. Robots are a great example of technological advancement. You have surely heard of human robots, but have you ever heard of a robot dog?

Yes, they exist. Recently a robot dog was spotted in public; it even has a name.

A video of a woman taking a Boston Dynamics robot dog on a walk was released on the internet, which soon went viral in Florida. This robot dog was taken on a walk just as if he was a normal dog. It was a rare sight because these dogs were only seen in testing facilities up until now. 

Seeing Scrappy the robot dog out in public was a somewhat unnerving sight for many citizens. This Boston Dynamics robot dog recently became available to the general public and was priced at $75,000. No one thought that this dog would become a household pet so soon. 

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The video clip shows the woman walking Scrappy along the pier in Fort Pierce. 

Hundreds of citizens who witnessed this event didn’t forget to capture this once in a blue moon incident on their phones. Scrappy even displayed some exceptional dog-like skills, such as listening to various commands like sit and stop. This robot dog even could effortlessly maneuver around crowds and other objects in its path. 

This amazing dog has his own YouTube channel with a description that says, “I’m just a robot dog learning the world I was booted up in.” Scrappy’s owner shares videos of their adventures there. Even the New York Police Department owns one of these robot dogs that helps them with their investigations. 

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Watch the video of Scrappy having fun at the Fire Fighters’ Fair below;

Police Department N.Y. acquired a robotic dog.

N.Y. Police Department wants to return the robot dog earlier than planned due to intense backlash. The critics perceived it as a frightening example of overly aggressive policing.

The officials declared the acquired the robotic dog as a futuristic tool that could go to places that were too dangerous to send police officers. Inspector Frank Digiacomo of the department’s Technical Assistance Response Unit believed that the device would save lives and protect the officers. Instead, it became a heated debate after a home invasion response in the Bronx in February. 

When the officers used it at a public housing building earlier in Manhatten, a backlash erupted. The people described the device as symbolic of how overly aggressive the police could be when dealing with poor communities. Therefore the robotic dog’s days have been quietly cut short.

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What’s your thoughts about the robotic dog?

Featured image is a screenshot from the YouTube video. For more info: Scrappy’s Youtube channel.

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