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Paranormal Activities Are All Around Us, Here Are Some Ways To Distinguish Between Them And How To Deal With Them.

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We have all experienced that creepy feeling at one point or another where you can sense paranormal energy around you or in your home. These energies are often referred to as Ghosts or Spirits, and many would like to believe that they are loved ones that are trying to connect with them from the other side.

There is, however, a difference between a Ghost and a Spirit.


Ghosts are spirits of those whom have died but have not crossed over to the other side. Encounters with Ghosts are unpleasant, and it leaves you with a spine-chilling, hair-raising uncomfortable, creepy feeling. As they have not yet crossed over, they can appear to us in a manifestation of there original form. They can also be attached to a place an object or human being.

Here are a few things that may occur when people have Ghostly encounters:

Hearing strange noises – The sound of footsteps but there is no one around, breathing noises sometimes even knocking, scratching or banging. Hearing furniture being moved, or something being dropped.

Cupboard doors and Drawers open by them self– Doors, cupboards, and drawers open by themselves with no rational explanation on how that could have happened.

Constantly looking for things – Different household items just seem to disappear, and everyday objects go missing and then reappear a few days later in a completely different spot.

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Feeling of being watched or touched– Feeling someone’s breath in our neck, the sensation of a hand sweeping pass. Waking up with scratches. Tripping over thin air, feeling that you get pushed when walking past a particular spot. A freakishly feeling you are being watched

Your pets are overly sensitivePets can sense and feel what we can’t. Random barking growling in certain spots in your home.


Spirits, on the other hand, are those who have crossed over to the other side. When you do have an encounter with Spiritual energy, you will feel content, relaxed and at ease, you will not feel fear. Spirits appear to us in the form of dreams, visions and sometimes shadow’s but as they come from a place of light they are surrounded by a calmness.

Below are a few things that might happen when you have a Spiritual encounter:

Interference with an electronic or electrical device – Hearing a favorite song you shared with someone who passed on. TV or Radio changing channels, volume or moving to static without any logical explanation.

Lights turning on and off or light bulbs keep blowing – You keep replacing the same light bulb, but the electrician can find any electrical faults. Lights go on or off when you enter a room or start flickering.

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Coming across things that remind you of loved one that has passed – Random objects that belonged to a loved one keeps appearing. Photo frames with a picture of loved ones hang distort or moved forward to be in better view. Entering a room and smelling their perfume or aftershave.

Seeing shadows in your peripheral vision – unexplained shadows emerging and when you look there is nothing.

Finding “gifts” at your feet. – Finding feathers, coins and other random gems at your feet or waking up with feathers or other objects next to your bed.

These occurrences are not always the workings of ghosts or spirits but can be caused by residual haunting.

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Residual Haunting

Residual Haunting – One of the most common types of hauntings that is caused by a continuous replay of a traumatic or life-changing event that took place in a particular location that disturbed the natural flow or Chi of the area. The occurrence is nothing more than an expression of stored energy that created an imprint on an object, location, date even a set time during the day. Residual Hauntings can be the cause of the noises, smells that recur.

This energy can quickly be cleared by doing a cleansing or sage smudging ritual.

When it comes to Spirits and Ghosts, however, you will know exactly what you are dealing with if you listen to your intuition and pay attention to the effect it has on you. Spirits will only appear when they have a message for you, where ghosts are connected to a place or object.

If you suspect your home is affected by darker spirits you can use these tips to clear the energy:

• Get professional help by consulting a paranormal expert, Shaman or energy healer
• Using a Sage smudge, you can cleanse home on a regular basis
• By Place crystals around your home or in the affected area will also bring a different energy to the environment. Don’t forget to cleanse the crystal by placing them in the sun for an hour or two a day.
• Seeing that particular spirits are connected to an object declutter your home can help in eliminating the energy
Incense or diffuse essential oils is an excellent way to cleanse as well, and it makes your home smell nice at the same time

Darker Spirits are mostly lost souls that have an earthly attachment, and they like creating fear and anger as they need dark energy to feed on. That’s why its best to avoid engagement with them and try not to react. Instead, surround yourself and your home with love and light, and it will raise the positive vibrations of your home and make it unpleasant for the darker spirit to remain there.

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