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After Heartbreaking Video Of Bullied Dwarfism Boy, Comedian Raises Money To Send Him On His Dream Holiday

Quaden Bayles, an Australian boy, touched the heart of US Stand-up comedian Brad Williams after viewing a video that his mother shared of him saying he wants to kill himself after being bullied at school over his dwarfism. In the video, Quaden was crying, ‘give me a rope; ...
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Animals News

German Shepherds Saves Owner’s Life After Detecting The Big C In Her Breasts

Dog lover Linda Munkley from Bargoed, south Wales says she owes her life to her two beloved German shepherds dogs for detecting her breast cancer. Munkley was utterly baffled as to why her dogs Bea and Enya frequently began leaping up at her and sniffing, pawing or headbutting ...
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Golden Retriever Saves Koala And Brings It Home

Kerry McKinnon from Strathdownie, Victoria, Australia, said that she burst out laughing when she discovered a baby koala snuggling on top of her Golden Retriever dog named Asha. One morning Kerry wasn’t fully awake yet when her husband called her to come downstairs and see what their dog ...
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Life Uplifting

Foster Mom 75 Raised 600 Children In 50 Years Regardless of Medical Condition Or Age

Many kids who go into foster care have come from abusive or neglectful circumstances. Caring for ‘drug babies’ is more challenging. But to one amazing superhero foster mother, regardless of the challenge, she took it on. To be a foster mom requires a great deal of love, endurance, ...
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Children Read Books To Abandoned And Lonely Shelter Dogs

Many animals are abandoned and living on the streets or with abusive owners who mistreat and neglect them. There are the fortunate few that are rescued and taken into shelters. These animals could stay at the shelter for an extended period with the hope of being adopted into ...
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Extinct 2000-Year-Old Seed Found In A Clay Jar Brought Back To Life

Judean’s date palm trees were one of the most recognized and welcoming sights for people living in the Middle East, as the trees provided shade in the blister desert sun as well as sweet fruit. From its founding around 3,000 years ago, the trees were a staple crop ...
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Life News

These Invasive Giant Snails Look Like Something Out Of A Science Fiction Movie

These giant snails are not something out of a science fiction movie. These snails are real. The giant African land snail has been classified as invasive parasite-carrying species, and in many places, they are either banned or regulated. These giant snails are known as the ‘Giant Land Snail ...
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