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Owl Couldn’t Stop Hugging The Man Who Helped Save Her Life

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GiGi was utterly alone until she met Pojeky, the man who she would never forget.

GiGi, A Great Horned owl, was taken to Mississipi’s Wild Heart Rescue. It’s believed that GiGi was hit by a car, which resulted in her having a massive concussion.

Missy Dubuisson founder and director of Wild at Heart said that GiGi was one of the most critical owls that they had ever taken care of. She was amazed that the bird was even alive.

GiGi had aspergillosis, which is similar to pneumonia in humans. She was also riddled with parasites and was so ill that during her course of treatment, that she lost weight. Usually, Great Horned owls weigh between 2 and 5 pounds, and she lost a whole pound.

GiGi was completely alone until she met Douglas “Doug” Pojeky, president of the rescue and was affectionately known as the “birds of prey whisperer.”

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Image credits: Wild at Heart Rescue

GiGi under Pojeky’s care formed a strong bond. From death’s door to perching as well as from being hand-fed to grabbing food on her own. No doubt that she came to trust Pojeky and made it known in extraordinary ways.

GiGi moped while Pojeky was away on a trip to visit his family in Michigan. On his return, he gave GiGi an examination. She was just so happy to see Pojeky as clearly he was her favorite human, and it showed in her face.

Image credits: Wild at Heart Rescue

She was so excited that she immediately started dancing and bobbing her head on his arm. Suddenly out the blue, she walked up to his chest and rested her head on his shoulder while she draped her wings around him. The hug reminded him of his father.

Pojeky told The Dodo that the hug from GiGi was especially important to him, as growing up a Great Horned owl used to perch on the top of the family barn. The family rarely saw the owl; only Pojeky’s father saw it often. On the morning of his father’s passing the owl seen overlooking the farmhouse before flying into the woods.

Image credits: Wild at Heart Rescue

Dubuisson had said that it literally brings tears to her eyes to watch him interact with these birds, as they trust him.

Wild at Heart Rescue, has told The Open Mind that since GiGi’s recovery she was released back to her mate in seminary Mississippi.

Credit: Wild at Heart Rescue
Credit: Wild at Heart Rescue

Image credits: Wild at Heart Rescue

For more info: Wild at Heart Rescue here

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