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Orphan Elephants Always Line Up To Hug The Woman Who Rescued Them 

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The number of African elephants has decreased over the last few years due to poaching and killed for their tusks. Therefore baby elephants end up as orphans. Some of these baby elephants are rescued by the Nairobi Elephant Orphanage in Kenya.

Nairobi Elephant Orphanage in Kenya offers protection and comfort to the orphans. The staff there consists of motivated conservationists who take great care of these baby elephants. It is tough for a calf to lose its family at an early age. They require so much attention and care. The dedication of the volunteers helps the baby elephants to get through these challenging times.

Dame Daphne Sheldrick is one of these generous volunteers, and without her, none of it would have been possible. She spent her whole life rescuing animals.

For around 40 years, many animals got another shot at life, all because of this kind woman. Dame Daphne hand-reared newborn elephants successfully throughout these 40 years.

Dame Daphne and her team ensured that hundreds of baby elephants got back to the wild. Her in-depth knowledge about baby elephants enabled her to find a perfect milk formula similar to that of a mother elephant’s milk.

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She is enthusiastic about what she does. Dame Daphne’s pioneering conservation work is done through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. She believes that working with baby elephants has taught her so much about living.

Elephants have taught her how to turn a new page and start living again. Her understanding of the trauma suffered by these elephants and how they deal with it has transformed her into a stronger person. So to show their gratitude, the orphan elephants line up to hug the woman who saved their lives.

In Thailand, elephants had to survive years of carrying tourists on their backs. Since tourism has annihilated and there is no end in sight, few or no tourists will be visiting the Maesa Elephant Camp in Thailand. The government has been working to shut these types of tourism companies down.

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This is good news for the elephants, as the directors have now abandoned the seats, and roughly about 78 elephants will be allowed to roam free.

Did you know?

Elephants are highly intelligent with complex emotions, feelings, and compassion. They are one of the rare species that recognize themselves in a mirror. The pregnancy of an elephant is almost two years. That makes it the most prolonged pregnancy of any mammal.

Elephants are highly intelligent.

Featured image is a screenshot of the YouTube video.

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