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Orphan Dog’s Tear-like Reaction After Separation From The Cow Who Raised Him

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We’ve seen some charming and extraordinary pairs of animal friends.
The inseparable duo you’re about to meet is a brown mother cow and the little pup she raised.

Rookie, a puppy, developed an unlikely bond with a female cow when his mother died after giving birth to him. The brown female cow acted like his mother.

For two years the cow was often found licking Rookie’s coat and snuggling with him. They lived, ate, and slept beside one another in a barn. There were times the dog would be seen sitting or sleeping on the cow’s back. They were inseparable. The dog would even crawl between the cow’s legs when he was scared.

Image Credit: YouTube/Kritter Klub

Unfortunately, the family had no choice as they couldn’t afford to keep two cows; they decided to sell the brown cow.

According to a video clip when they took the cow away, Rookie was distorted, he was in “tears,” and his face reflected a look of utter despair. He refused to eat and howled for days.

Image Credit: YouTube/Kritter Klub

Rookie ran away from home to look for the cow. He was thrilled to find the cow on another farm. When he saw her, he was estatic jumping and yelping.

The new owners of the cow took Rookie back home. He lost his appetite and refused to eat. His owners were worried about him as he was miserable and unhappy and just wandered around where his mother used to be.

Image Credit: YouTube/Kritter Klub

Eventually, the farmer bought the brown cow home. The farmer who appears to be from South Korea said that he decided to keep the cow for Rookie’s sake.

Image Credit: YouTube/Kritter Klub

Realizing that Rookie needed to develop some social skills as a dog, they introduced him to another pup. They took some fur from the cow and placed it on another pup to give Rookie a sense of familiarity. That
helped the animals become acquainted.

Image Credit: YouTube/Kritter Klub

A YouTube video from Kritter Klub, shows the dog was had “tears” in his eyes when the cow left. However, according to the American Kennel Club they say that dogs can’t produce “tears”, although some fur families have sworn otherwise.

The Kennel Club states like most mammals dogs have tear ducts. However, there is no connection between a dogs brain and his tear ducts. Canines express vocally. So it would seem that we are the only species capable of emotional tears.

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They claim that dogs can have empathic and compassionate responses. But if dogs appear to have “tears” it might be a health problem such as an allergy or a blocked duct, etc.

You can watch the video from Kritter Klub here:

We would love to know your comments. Do canines cry tears?

Images Credit: YouTube/Kritter Klub

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