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One Of The Worlds Biggest Gentle Giants – The Alaskan Malamute

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Danny in the video was a rescue from Singapore, and now they live in Canada, where it is nice and cool for him and plenty of snow in the winter. 

Alaskan Malamutes are the oldest and largest of the Arctic sled dogs. They are descendants of the Arctic wolf, making them a part of the domestic dog family. 

These dogs are large, loyal, powerful, and big-hearted. They are quite similar to other Arctic breeds like the Greenland Dog and the Siberian husky. They were originally bred for their strength and stamina to haul heavy freight as a sled dog and hound.

These brave dogs can travel long distances, even in harsh weather conditions. They were used during the Second World War to sniff for mines and carry weapons. These heroic dogs were featured on stamps of various countries such as the USA.

They have a deep and broad chest as well as a strong, well-muscled body. Their well-furred tails allow them to cover their noses during cold weather. The fur in their paws protects them from frostbites. 

The females stand about 23 inches at the shoulder and weigh around 75 pounds, whereas the males about 25 inches at the shoulder and weigh around 85 pounds. They have a life expectancy of 10-14 years. 

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Image is taken from a screenshot of the YouTube video.

These dogs are also great companions for humans. 

They are not good guard dogs because they are too friendly. These doggos require daily exercise. They also require socialization. Alaskan Malamutes are usually clean dogs because they have a cat-like tendency to keep their coat clean.

If you don’t like hair, then an Alaskan Malamute is not for you cause no matter how much vacuum, there is always fur around.

These dogs are prone to obesity. They’ll keep on eating as long as you provide them with food. Alaskan Malamutes have also been known to hunt seals and polar bears. 

Comparatively, they are a healthy breed of dogs. This adorable doggo is the state dog of Alaska. Their history has been traced back to around 3000 BC. They are quite the celebrities because they have been featured in various movies such as ‘Snow Buddies’ and ‘Eight Below.’ 

Wouldn’t you love to have one as your pet too? 

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Featured image credit: Instagram

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