Norway Became The World’s First Country To Have Banned Deforestation

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Our planet is changing all the time. It is heartbreaking to see the drastic changes. Satellite images lend proof to this. As our population grows, the need for foliage precedes the conservation of our forests.

Forests cover at least 31% of Earth. Trees are essential as they produce oxygen, and it is this gift that takes carbon dioxide out of the air. We cannot ignore the significance of this as oxygen is the reason we are alive, and yet we destroy it the source.

Billions of people rely on forests to provide fresh water, food, shelter, and other tools for basic survival. Not only does deforestation deprive these people of this, but it also affects the water cycle of a forest area, and in turn, this causes flooding, river flow, and precipitation. Without plant life, the soil becomes a desert, as well as contributing to climate change, which in turn affects all of humanity and wildlife who are reliant on nature.

At present approximately 30,000 square miles (18.7 million acres) of our forests are disappearing annually. It is an astronomical amount, which we cannot afford yet we are not doing enough to stop it.

Norway decided to lead by example. In 2016 they became the first country to ban deforestation and became a National Law.

Norway decided that it will not support any company that causes deforestation. No financial support less destruction and therefore its forests have been expanding in the last decade. The correct information is that although Norway has all this in place, it still loses up to 58 square kilometers each year, which is a minimal amount. Norway’s efforts ensure that their total forest area remains relatively constant, if not increasing, each year.

In 2008, at least a Billion was giving to Brazil to stop the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. By 2015 an estimate of 75% improvement could be seen here. Guyana has forests which had consideration from the Government.

Between 2011-2015 a contribution of millions was made. These forests were in trouble from the logging industry, which at this time was excessive. World Governments like Norway have proven with commitment and hard work the Forest is capable of survival.

Put some thought to purchasing products that do not support deforestation. Try to support companies that pledge commitment to reducing deforestation through forest-friendly policies. There is credible forestry certification available if we take the time to look for the seal.

Educate friends, family, and your community about deforestation. Our everyday actions affect forests around the world.

Save our Forests, and we can save ourselves.


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