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North Carolina Restaurant Serving Tarantula-Topped Burgers

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If you’re a foodie who is into exotic dishes, then this is just the dish for you. 

restaurant in North Carolina has come up with a burger with a tarantula on top of it. Yes, you heard me right. 

 I‘m sure most of you love trying out new food and new recipes, but this restaurant just beat all of us by coming up with this unique idea. And no, it’s not a joke either. It is a real tarantula on top of the burger and not a fake one. 

This restaurant has an annual ‘Exotic Meats Month,’ which led to this burger’s creation. They even offer an array of extraordinary meat like bison, camel, python, alligator, venison, goat, turtle, caribou, reindeer, bugs, yak, emu, elk, kangaroo, etc.

The Exotic Meat Month is where customers get to experience new flavors from new cultures. The $30 tarantula burger served with an oven-roasted tarantula, including its eight legs. This burger also consists of beef, gruyere cheese, and spicy chili sauce.

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Those who have tasted this burger explain that the tarantula taste is similar to that of shellfish.

Are you crazy enough to try this burger? Factors such as our environment, animals that live in it, culture, family, and religious background affect our food choices. These factors help us determine if a dish is tasty or strange. 

Our perception of what is normal is only relevant to us. What is familiar to us might seem abnormal to someone else and vice versa. So we never know if someone might love this tarantula-topped burger.

On their website, every April, they celebrate exotic meats from around the country and the world. Would you take the risk of trying any of their exotic meals?

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Now for something sweeter, desert maybe? 

Rare blue bananas are known as Blue Java that tastes like vanilla ice cream. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? They originated in Southeast Asia and is common throughout the Hawaiian islands.

Blue Java is hard to find yet pretty easy to grow, and they produce fruit fast. They also make beautiful ornamentals, with big red flowers and silvery blue leaves.

They are rich in potassium, which supports muscle contraction and nerve cell response. This fruit also helps to regulate blood pressure. Sounds like my kind of fruit, how about you?

Featured image is a screenshot from the YouTube video.

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