Nice Guys Aren’t Always Good Men — The Difference

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Sound strange to you, yet there is definitely a difference between being a nice guy and a good man. It takes more than age to be a man.

Are you a good man or a nice guy?

1.  A good man does things without any expectations. He will take you out to a movie or dinner without expecting anything in return.

Whereas a nice guy will expect something in return.

2.  A good man will tell you the truth which comes with integrity. He will tell you precisely what you need to hear.

Whereas a nice guy will cover up the truth to avoid feeling uncomfortable and say the things you want to hear.

3.  A good man has a good character, and they live by it.

Whereas a nice guy has his reputation to maintain.

4.  A good man is open and honest about his intentions. He sticks to his boundaries, which he makes quite clear to you.

Whereas a nice guy will want you to think that he is nice, so his intentions will change to make himself look good.

5.  A good man knows his self-worth and doesn’t have to make sure he is accepted. He doesn’t have to keep up with appearances.

Whereas a nice guy has to seek validation all the time and keep up with appearances.

6.  A good man will give his woman enough attention without being overbearing to the point that they feel controlled.

Whereas a nice guy will make it appear that the woman is his whole universe while taking control.

7.  A good man is the master of his own destiny.

Whereas a nice guy will be happy to follow the sheep.

8.  A good man has morals and character.

Whereas a nice guy has to worry about his front that he has to keep up with.

9.  A good man will make promises of which he can adhere to.

Whereas a nice guy will make promises and not keep them.

10. A good man will treat other people respectfully as everyone has feelings.

Whereas a nice guy does not have any consideration or respect for other peoples feelings.

11. A good man will apologize for being in the wrong.

Whereas a nice guy thinks that apologies are for weak people.

The world needs more Good Men. If you know one, value him!

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