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Netherlands Street Artist Paints Gigantic Bookcases of Residents’ Favorite Books on Buildings

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The world is a large canvas for an imaginative artist. When inspiration strikes, a wall of a building can become a canvas.

As artists, they like to show their artwork, so people can get to appreciate their art and what a better location to display their masterpiece than on an apartment building in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Jan Is De Man is a Dutch mural artist and, with the help of his fellow artist friend, Deef Feed, painted a residential building facade. 

They transformed the building into a realistic, giant bookcase. Here’s how they got into this venture together.

The artist has close friends who reside in the apartment building, which asked him to create a mural on their build. He immediately thought of a concept where the mural should convey positivity to the residents and everyone that views it.

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Originally, he thought of drawing a colossal smiley on the façade since this depiction is happiness itself, but after some thought, he felt that the smiley is too simple and won’t make much of an impact.

Then the brilliant idea of a giant bookcase came to mind.

Instead of designing a two-dimensional, he opted for a trompe l’oeil to create a three-dimensional graphic representation. Due to the shape of the building’s facade, it seems it was a great option to paint the bookcase.

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Courtesy of JanIsDeMan

It took the two of them about one week to complete the giant bookcase mural. Their efforts had paid off when they saw the residents’ smiles and look on their faces seeing all their favorite books painted on the building. 

Courtesy of JanIsDeMan

After the uncovering of the trompe l’oeil, it became an instant attraction for the residents and the entire neighborhood. 

Since the mural photos have already made it to social media, they expect to see more visitors arriving to view the building in the future. 

Courtesy of JanIsDeMan

Jan Is De Man told The Open Mind the building below was designed and painted by him. The locals gave him good book titles, respect, and beers.

Courtesy of JanIsDeMan
Courtesy of JanIsDeMan
Courtesy of JanIsDeMan

Jan Is De Man’s amazing art work has even appeared in the local newspaper.

Courtesy of JanIsDeMan

Jan Is De Man’s Sky-high! Ville de Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Courtesy of JanIsDeMan

Below we share a few more of his fantastic artworks with you.

Courtesy of JanIsDeMan
Courtesy of JanIsDeMan
Courtesy of JanIsDeMan

All images are used with permission of JanIsDeMan, for more info click here JanIsDeMan

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