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Neglected Horse Could Barely Breathe When Rescued And Is Now Winning Awards

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All animals need to be loved and cared for. Nobody can survive if they’ve neglected, not even an animal.

Some volunteers from the British Horse Society came across a sad sight which brought tears to their eyes. A horse was sitting in the mud as if she were dead, next to a building site in East Durham, England. 

At first, the rescue team thought that the horse was dead. This innocent horse named Heidi was suffering terribly. Heidi could barely breathe. She couldn’t even stand on her feet. But the volunteers from the British Horse Society didn’t want to give up on her. They took starving Heidi to a shelter to help her. 

Image credits: here4horses

Everyone thought it would be impossible to help Heidi stand right back up on her feet. But Heidi was a survivor. She recovered very quickly even though she suffered tremendously. After five weeks, she was standing on her feet. 

If you compare her pictures from back then to how she looks now, you wouldn’t even recognize her.

Image credits: here4horses

Before, her blood protein level was low, and they had to perform a plasma transfusion. After months passed by, she was fit enough to run in pastures. 

Image credits: here4horses

Heidi is an entirely different animal now, thanks to all the medical care. She gained back her weight, and her hair grew again. Even her mane looks gorgeous now. 

Image credits: here4horses

Heidi looks happy in her new home. A fine and healthy rosette-winning horse. You can look at the video of her transformation. It is just amazing. 

Image credits: here4horses

She went from being a neglected sick horse to a healthy award-winning one. Heidi is so lucky that the British Horse Society found her and rescued her. Isn’t her story just inspirational?

Animals have personalities.

You should see this funny horse Jingang. This horse pretends to be ‘dead’ every time someone wants to ride him. He is horse-sterical in how he lets his tongue hang out of his mouth. He even does an eye roll and a theatrical maneuver with his hooves. He has definitely nailed this death trick down to a T. 

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What are rosettes?

Firstly, a horse can only win a rosette in each competition which offers them. Secondly, a horse has to be highly skilled to partake to have a chance to be entered.

Rosettes are prizes you earn by winning specific competitions with about 75% or more prestige. When your horse wins a rosette, you earn twice as many Equus for that competition. 

All images are used with permission. Image credits and more info: here4horses

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