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Mushroom Packaging – The Alternative That Will Decompose Within Weeks

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Featured image: mycobond

Plastic is Mother Earths number one Foe and therefore ours. If it is so dangerous to the existence of life, why is it still the popular packaging option worldwide? We should never have started to use it in the first place; however, it is not too late to stop using it and by doing this buying us back some time.

Polystyrene is a household name. It is an enemy to our environment, yet it looks so innocent. This Wolf in sheep’s clothing is made from Petroleum, also known as crude oil, although this in its own is not a bad thing, we mix it with bad things to create energy. Petroleum is also used to make fuel. When burnt, it produces carbon dioxide among other toxic gasses. However, Carbon dioxide changes the atmospheric earth temperature, and this, in return, is what is killing our planet and all on it.

Harvard provided a fact sheet stating that Petroleum is disappearing rapidly as it is used in many of our modern day items. As Petroleum took millions of years to become, it is obviously not going to break down and therefore is a terrible pollutant. It is also turned into something that looks edible to our animals and it is so very poisonous. Despite having this information we continue to bury 14 million tons of the poison into landfills every year. Why?

A solution to this could be Mushroom Packaging. This will decompose so quickly and it will feed plant life. It seems like the obvious solution. Big companies have started using this as an alternative but we need many, many more to change. This product is known as Mycelium or Fungi packaging and it is capable of reducing waste. We need to stop using Styrofoam today. It is estimated by 2050 then 99% of all birds will have plastic in their tummies.

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Mycelium is the root of the Mushroom. It is the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a network of fine white filaments. These roots attach themselves to anything they are growing in and then form a solid shape. It is because of this that it can be used to grow around, let’s use corn stalks or husks as an example. Once this has happened it is dried out and put into packaging shapes. One hundred percent “Natural” and good for your garden and those landfills.

This packaging was invented around 2007 and is already being manufactured in New York. Dell is one of the bigger companies using this as an alternative. They use it to cushion large computer servers. The UK is also starting to use Mycelium.

Who doesn’t love Mushrooms?

As it turns out, they are equally versatile outside of the food world. They can produce packaging, home insulation, fiberboard for furniture, even a surfboard.

If all countries and companies would use materials that are compatible with Earth, we could save our Planet.

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