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Mom Has Brilliant Idea To Give Confidence To Kids With Hearing Aids

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Being a kid is not easy, trying to make friends and fit in. Kids can be cruel to the point of bullying and mocking others, and it’s much more difficult for kids with adaptive needs.

Having hearing aids on the side of your head will make you stand out. Kids feel embarrassed as they look different. A lot of young kids don’t understand the situation.

Sarah Ivermee, a UK mom, came up with a brilliant idea. In 2011 she had Freddie who was born prematurely with congenital CMV (cytomegalovirus), which is a virus that left him deaf in his right ear and moderately to severely deaf in the other.

Freddie was two months old when he received his first single hearing aid. Hearing aids are not the best-looking gadgets and can make you feel ugly by wearing it.

They were lucky that Freddie didn’t mind wearing his hearing aids and cochlear implant. Not every kid is happy to wear these devices and would keep taking them off.

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Unfortunately some families have lots of problems with children not wanting to wear their devices as they look ugly and unappealing.

A 9-year-old friends daughter hated being different by wearing aids. Sarah Ivermee just happened to have some flowery nail stickers so gave them to her to decorate her aids. She just loved them.

That’s when a great idea developed, and Ivermee research began. Many stickers, gems, charms and vinyl, later Lugs was born.

In 2014 Sarah Ivermee founded a company that produces decorative kits for hearing aids and cochlear implants called ‘Lugs.’ The kits encourage kids to wear hearing aids. She also transformed the device into custom made kits of superhero figures. Even Freddie’s brother, who is not deaf, would love to wear Lugs.

Freddie benefits from his moms business as he gets to choose a new design every month, his friends at school are jealous.

Source: IG/MyLugs

Lugs are continually expanding what they offer and at the same time keeping costs to a minimum so that it is available to everyone. If there is a device that they do not cater for they would love to hear from you.

So many cool customizable decorations to choose from of all our favorite characters – action figures, music bands, cartoons, animations and lots more!

Source: IG/MyLugs

These are so cool for Halloween!

Source: IG/MyLugs
Source: IG/MyLugs

So pretty My Little Pony sparkle Lugs!

Source: IG/MyLugs

Now Jake has a dark side and good side. He loves his Lugs…


For more info contact Lugs here.

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