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Model With Down Syndrome Becomes Ambassador For Popular Cosmetic Brand

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Down Syndrome Model Becomes Ambassador For Popular Cosmetic Brand

20-year-old Kate Grant of Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, is a beauty with down syndrome, who was crowned champion in the Teen Ultimate Beauty Of The World Pageant. Since then, she has gone from a model for Debenhams to becoming a brand ambassador for Benefit Cosmetics.

Kate’s exultant mum Deirdre Grant said Kate’s goal is to be a supermodel.

Kate, an inspiring young lady with a zest for life, is now one step closer to achieving her goal after landing a contract with Benefit Cosmetics UK.

Kate landed this contract with the famous beauty cosmetic brand Benefit Cosmetics following a picture of her where she was wearing one of their products.

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The role means that Kate will represent Benefit Cosmetics, which sells makeup globally to about 30 countries and over 2000 shops.

Kate’s mum said that Kate is determined and doesn’t allow her disability or any other obstacles to stand in her way. She is very optimistic.

Kate wants to spread awareness about people with disabilities, knowing that she is the voice for some of her friends. She is certainly making a statement.

Benefit said hope that her new gig helps show “that beauty and makeup shots can absolutely feature people from all walks of life.”

The world’s standards for beauty have changed drastically in the last few years.

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Strawberry blonde Madeline Stuart from Brisbance a professional model at age 22 has Down’s syndrome and is in demand at fashion events worldwide.

Madeline too wants to change the way society look at people with disablities.

Down syndrome is usually associated with physical growth delays and moderate to mild intellectual disability, as well as a range of other health issues, caused by abnormal cell division during development of the sperm cell.

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