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Milkmen Return In London To Slash Single-Use Plastic Waste

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Excellent news for the environmental as Milkmen return to London as millennials start ordering glass milk bottles in a bid to slash single-use plastic waste.

To reduce plastic waste in London, milkmen returned to deliver milk in glass bottles; many city residents are renewing their activities and returning to a job that was initially a tradition in the British capital, all this is thanks to a BBC documentary about the planet.

Photo credit: Parker Dairies

In 2018, the Parker Dairies dairy and other London dairies found a growing demand for glass bottles from the consumers and younger families. Sensitive environmental issues that dairy companies have declared that their buyers are willing to pay more for the service to support the environment.

Paul Lough, manager of the Parker Dairies warehouse, has announced that the interest of the recent times, from the citizens for the use of the
glass bottles are “phenomenal.”

He stated that the dairy attracted about 400 new customers. The milk currently distributed via 25 electric vehicles, which cover the whole of
the east area of ​​London, the city and the West End.

Photo credit: Parker Dairies

Before Christmas, they were receiving about 30 telephone calls a month, but since New Year, they are getting about 30 telephone calls a week. Hopefully, this will increase daily. People are much more environmentally conscious; therefore, they are enquiring at the dairies if we do glass.

A business confirmed that the company has an increase in sales of 4%, with 1800 bottles sold every week. Around 90% across the country, are requesting glass bottles.

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Lough mentioned that without a doubt, the Dairies had acquired younger customers. They have expanded the list of products they offer to meet the needs of buyers.

They now do sourdough, jars of honey, and sell about 250 loaves of bread a week.

Photo credit: Parker Dairies

This example of an eco-sustainable economy is, therefore, expanding to ensure that more effective strategies are used to reduce plastic consumption.

It’s all about making a difference. Are you helping the environment?

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