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Mesmerizing Ocean Resin Lamps Which Light-Up Tiny Underwater Scenes

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We all tried out new things in our lives and especially in the pandemic time. Some of us learned to bake, to stitch, and even to create various crafts. Resin art has gained popularity because many people started doing it due to the free time in their hands. 

This newfound interest has enabled many talented resin artists to create wonderful masterpieces. Some of them use resin along with dry flora and create beautiful pieces of jewelry; some others use resin to make furniture pieces inspired by nature. 

The ocean wave resin, which is a view of the ocean from a bird’s point of view, is a frequently used theme nowadays. A Turkish artisan named Samil Demirel decided to add a twist to this creation. He came up with ocean resin lamps that portray an underwater view. These are made out of wood and resin. 

Demirel uses bark wood due to its uneven and highly textured surface. Although many other artists use live edge wood to create ocean-inspired creations, Demirel has chosen bark wood to create his masterpieces. These lamps are rather magical. 

The bark is transformed to create the land part of the lamps, while cerulean blue epoxy resin forms the ocean. His lamps take a geometric form because they look as if frozen pieces of the ocean. Demirel even adds carved out underwater creatures, scuba divers, and sunken ships into his creations.

He uses a Dremel rotary tool to carve these miniature characters. Then they are painted before they are placed in the semi-solid epoxy resin. Demirel uses basswood to carve these characters. Olive, bass, walnut, and pinewood are the types of wood used in his lamps. 

These mesmerizing lamps include sea creatures such as sharks, whales, and seahorses. Sometimes he even adds Greek structures to his lamps. One of his lamps has a polar bear inside it too. The lamps look amazing when they are lit in a completely dark room. 

Don’t you just love these one of a kind ocean-inspired resin lamp?

Resin artwork is expensive as resin epoxy is more costly than acrylic paint. The resin art market is increasing and is anticipated to reach $10.3 billion by 2027. On Etsy, resin art prices can range from $165 to $15,000, making it a lucrative niche for artists who want to make money from their work.

What you would need for resin art depends on what you are creating. Here are some of the basic things:

Resin, pigment dyes or acrylic paints, canvas or wooden board, stir sticks, measuring cups, craft brushes, disposable gloves, paper towel.

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The Open Mind was granted permission to feature photos of Samil Demirel’s creations. For more info: dadaatolye.

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