Men Who Date Chubby Woman Are Happier

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An Overweight girl isn’t what most men see as the perfect partner. It may come across as being cruel but ask any guy, and they’ll tell you their idea of the ideal woman is someone who looks like a model or celebrity.

Finally, us ladies with curves get a little love!

We live in a time where society makes you think that a curvy woman is less desirable, but according to science men who are with a chubby woman are much happier! This psychological study showed that overweight women are more fun to be around and tend to laugh and smile more.

An unrealistic standard has portrayed by the media about how a woman should look, and if you don’t tick all the boxes set out by the ideal appearance of the perfect woman, you get placed in the not wanted section Society has too often presented curvier women as less attractive, displeasing, or unlovable. However, according to science men who are in a relationship with plump women are happier! A study that was done by the Department of Psychology At UNAM found that men who were involved with chubby women were ten times more content.

The happiest of men were those who were dating a curvier woman.According to the same study conducted by the Department of Psychology, curvier women love to hug and cuddle and are more affectionate, they’ve got a softer skin which makes hugging and cuddling them more fun. Since they are foodies they enjoy a good meal; they like trying out different restaurants and cuisines. They tend to be better cooks.

You won’t get bored with dating a chubby chick; they love engaging in a good conversation, they are not shy to express there thoughts and opinions on a variety of subjects making conversation exciting and unpredictable.

This study also concluded that because plump girls are already heavier so reproducing and carrying baby weight wouldn’t be a problem. Of course, it’s not a problem regardless of our size as woman are magical unicorns that are capable of anything regardless there size.

I do appreciate this study and the fact that bigger girls are finally a getting some recognition. But the truth is all woman are beautiful in their own right regardless there size, and they all deserved to be loved and cherished. Love is not bound to any shape and can’t be boxed.

When it comes choosing a partner, everyone has a particular person they find attractive, and it’s not for us to judge. In truth what others do and who they prefer is none of our business. There is enough judgment in the world, and if a fat woman or man does not do it for you then great, do what makes you happy without harming others with your mean words or comments.

So let’s show some appreciation for our chubby chicks – they make the world go round. We should all find a person who loves our boney ass or our fat rolls, and that’s what makes happiness in a relationship!

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