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Image credits: Sainthelenaisland


Meet Jonathan, The 187-Year-Old Tortoise First Photographed In 1886 And Remains Alive Today

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Meet Jonathan, the giant Seychelles tortoise, currently 187 years old.
This tortoise is currently thee oldest living land animal within the world, being hatched in 1832.

Until this day, Jonathan remains healthy and energetic, though a there are signs of aging, sight and smell are slowly deteriorating. Though this is not stopping the giant tortoise.

Jonathan currently lives on the island of Saint Helena, Seychelles of East Africa and resides with the governor at the Plantation House.

It is fascinating that there’s a photograph of Jonathan dating from way back in 1886.

Image credit: Sainthelenaisland
Jonathan in 1942 with Governor Bain Gray (1941-1946)
Image credit: Sainthelenaisland
Image credit: Sainthelenaisland
Jonathan in 2016
Image credit: Sainthelenaisland
Image credit: Sainthelenaisland
Jonathan playing croquet, 1969
Image credit: Sainthelenaisland

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