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Meditation Will Be Part Of 370 Schools Curriculum in England

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Three hundred seventy schools across England have begun to teach children the same techniques as The Robert W. Coleman Elementary School. The secondary school students are getting a more hands-on education. They are learning about awareness and how to increase their everyday lives. The program will be under the mental health study that the British government is currently running up until 2021.

NHS reports have shown that one in eight British children have mental disorders, and an increasing number of young children are showing signs of depression and anxiety.

Children act out by screaming, kicking, and causing a scene. Most of the time, they themselves, don’t understand what they are going through and can’t find a better way to release their feelings.

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Different forms of punishment were to be sent outside the class or to the Principals office in more severe cases. Kindergarten was the “Time out” option for toddlers, which is having to face the corner? Different ways of showing your behavior are unacceptable. The question is did it teach you anything? I don’t think so in my case.

The Robert W. Coleman Elementary, situated in Baltimore, tried Meditation, which is widely practiced by ancient Hindu was the choice of the experiment. In February 2016 they introduced the Mindful Meditation room. Anxiety and stress, replaced with Meditation and calmness. By focusing on quietening the mind, it helped the issues on hand. It is easier to deal with one problem at a time. The method was introduced to the school by The Holistic Life Foundation. It proved to have positive results.


Some students attributed a change in life due to the program. Instead of built-up anxiety, deep breaths, and calmness as they eased into the exams. Learning to quieten down the noise and being with oneself, even in a full room allows space to stay focused and in control.

The ultimate bonus was that it is a character building experience. Also, a usual day filled with confused teenage hormones is always at the edge of blowing up also teaching these children breathing techniques helped them deal with their anger issues.

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These kids learn this valuable life training skills and then go out there and share their fantastic knowledge and skills, whether they realize they are doing it or not. Therefore it leaks out into society.

Sometimes tough love is not the answer. Teaching children how to deal with emotions is better than punishing and embarrassing children in front of their peers.

Empower children to become stable adults in our society. In the long run, their children will follow suit.

I sincerely hope that more education establishments will try this.

How do you feel about teaching Mindfulness and Meditation at schools?

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