Man Uses Fortune To Save More Than 2,000 Dogs From Slaughterhouse

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When his dog went missing, Wang Yan searched everywhere.

“I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail,” Yan remembers, according to The Shanghaiist. “Finally someone let me go into the slaughterhouse to try my luck there.”

Even though Yan, who lives in Helong town in Jilin province, did not locate his missing dog in the slaughterhouse, he did find a new mission along the way. The 29-year-old used a large chunk of his money to buy the slaughterhouse and create an animal shelter instead.

Because Yan at the time had a net worth of several million yuan (a million yuan is equivalent to about $156,634), the most obvious thing to do to help those dogs he’d seen was to simply buy the slaughterhouse.

Yan used his fortune to establish a massive shelter for otherwise unwanted dogs. Since establishing the shelter, Yan’s saved over 2,000 lives.

Even though he has gone into debt, according to The Shangaiist, he does not accept monetary donations — only donated supplies.

“I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help build a home [for these dogs],” he said.

This, right here, is probably one of the most selfless and heroic acts ever.

Dog lover Wang Yan has dedicated his life to saving dogs, he spent nearly his whole fortune in three years

There are currently over 200 dogs at the centre, all a variety of breeds. Wang has given them a new life

He even has a dog statue he prays to in the factory he bought and transformed into a rescue centre

Adorable: Wang has spent millions rescuing over 2,000 stray dogs from being butchered and cooked

Wang built the centre in 2012 when he lost his beloved pooch, he thinks to a slaughterhouse, it was never found

Most of the money goes on the centre, dog food, and medical treatment to care for the hundreds of dogs

It is easy to see here that the dogs Wang rescues really do love him back, as much as he loves them

He does not except money from people who want to adopt a dog, only donations of food and other supplies

Sources: Petcha | Daily Mail | The Dodo


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